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Car Cleaning Tips

Wash me

There are two types of car owners in the world. Those who spend every hours every weekend washing and polishing their beloved vehicles, and those refuse to acknowledge the “wash me” written into the 2 cm thick coating of dirt and grime that has taken over their vehicle.
No matter what type you are, we have some handy car cleaning tips to have your car sparkling like new, in no time!

1. Take off your jewellery:

Remove your rings, watches, bracelets as these bits of jewellery can scratch the paintwork on your car.

2. Wash in cooler weather:

Wash in the shade or in cooler weather if possible. If you wash in direct sunlight or extremely hot weather, the water will dry faster leaving water spots all over your car.

3. Do not use household cleaners:

Household cleaners can be very alkaline or acidic, which will strip away polish and eat the vehicle’s clear coat.

4. Rinse first:

Rinse your vehicle with a hose first. This removes any loose dirt, grit and dust which can scratch your car later when you start to wash with a sponge.

5. Use two buckets:

Use one bucket for clean water, and the second bucket to rinse the sponge once its dirty. This clears the grime and dirt from the sponge and stops it scratching your vehicle.

6. Start at the top:

Start at the roof of your vehicle and work your way down. This stops dirty water running down to the lower of your car, meaning you need to clean it twice.

7. Doors and seals:

People often forget to open their car doors and clean the plastics and trim hidden away. A lot of dirt and brake dust can get into these areas so make sure you wipe them all down.

8. Use a microfibre cloth:

Since microfibre cloths are made of many small fibres, they are very absorbent but can also be wrung out almost dry. It helps leave a streak free finish.

9. Don’t air dry your vehicle:

Air drying your vehicle can leave watermarks all over the exterior. Use a Chamois or microfiber cloth to soak up and excess water and completely dry your car.

10. Polish and wax:

Polishing and waxing leaves your vehicle with a nice smooth surface and creates protective barrier to repel dirt and water, meaning it is much easier to clean next time around. It also makes your car look great!

11. Vacuum:

A vacuum with a thin nozzle attachment will be best when cleaning the interior of your vehicle. This helps get into all the nooks and creases that you cannot normally reach.

12. Want to keep weekend free?:

Don’t we all! If you would rather not spend the time cleaning your car, take it to a professional. You choose what level of detailing they perform and costs range from $50 to $250.

If you follow these easy car cleaning tips your vehicle’s exterior and interior will look better, for longer.

PLEASE NOTE: Check with your local water authority about any water restrictions that may be in place.

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