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The easiest way to sell your car

Get the best price and cash in your bank within 24 hours.
Call a buyer direct on (08) 6145 0090.

Business Customer?

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We’ll buy your car even if you’re not buying another one

Selling your car and not buying another one? We can arrange contact with one of our ten full-time experienced buyers who are always looking to purchase good quality, late-model vehicles.

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We’ll even buy your bunky.

We also have a large network of contacts that are looking for vehicles in all price ranges, so we may have a prospective buyer for your vehicle.

Get paid within 24 hours

We will make an electronic funds transfer to your bank within 24 hours! We can also pay out your finance/hire purchase/lease or produce a cheque if desired.

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How do we value your car?

Our team are experts are valuing cars and will always give you our best price.


Market Value

We use the latest data based on what we and others are buying and selling in the marketplace for your exact vehicle.


Vehicle Condition

We’ll take into account the condition and history of your car as well as any accident records.


Custom Modifications

Added some 3rd party extras? We’ll factor that into our appraisal too.

What to bring with you if...

I’m just after an offer

If you just want an offer on your car, you don’t need to bring anything but your car.


Have a question?

Call us (08) 6145 0099 or 

I want to sell my car

  • Drivers license or photo ID
  • Registration/ownership papers
  • Your banking details
  • All keys, fobs and remotes
  • Log books and owners manuals
  • Finance payout letter (if you owe money on the vehicle)

Are you a Business Customer with lots of cars to sell?

Schedule an appraisal and we’ll arrange a time to give you a offer on the vehicles you need too sell.