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Find answers to your most frequently asked questions


Can I just get a valuation from you for my vehicle?

Is there a minimum standard of vehicle you will trade-in against a Westside vehicle?

Can I sell my car to you without buying another one?


I am in another country can you sell to me?

What does independently inspected mean?

What is the finance interest rate?

Who do you use for finance?

Do you offer finance?

Do you offer finance for interstate customers?

Do you get to drive any car home each night?

Can I have the vehicle inspected by my mechanic before I purchase?

Can you hold the vehicle until I visit?

Why are you fixed price?

By fixed-price do you mean fixed fixed?

Are you selling wholesale to me?

Where do all your cars come from?

Are all these new cars?

Are your prices drive-away? Who pays the stamp-duty?

I live on the east coast; can I buy from you and it be delivered?


I have a problem, who can I contact?

You are huge, how many cars do you have?

When do you hold auctions?

Do you sell spare parts?

Do you have a service department?

What was this building used for previously?

How long have you guys been here? Didn’t even know you were here!

Does the roof leak?


I have a problem with my vehicle who do I contact?

Do your vehicles come with a warranty?


How often should I have a wheel alignment?

Why do I need to rotate my tyres?

How often should I check my tyre pressure?

What is the correct tyre pressure for my tyres?

What are the three things to check on tyres?

How many kms should tyres last?


What is the most advanced car battery?

Do Westside Auto car batteries come with a warranty?

What is the best way to jump start a car battery?

What is the most popular car battery type?

What makes one car battery better than another?

Why is my car battery flat?

How long does a car battery last?

Window Tinting

How durable are your tint films?

How dark can I legally tint my windows?

Why should I get my car windows tinted?