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Your Top Choice for Superior Car Detailing

Westside Auto Service goes above and beyond for your vehicle. Our Perth facility proudly offers first-class car detailing services. From a simple yet thorough car wash to an all-encompassing clean of both the interior and exterior that restores your vehicle's showroom shine, our commitment is to keep your car looking its best.


Interior Cleaning

  • Vacuum & Shampoo of floor carpets and mats

  • Dash, door and console clean

  • Antimicrobial treatments

Scratch Removal

Accidentally scratched your car during an off-road adventure? We offer a side-only polishing service to remove those unsightly marks.

    Shine Up Polish

    • Foam wash

    • Two-bucket scratch-free washing

    • Single-stage gloss polishing

    • Exterior detailing

    • High-gloss sealant

    Premium Car-Wash

    • Foam wash & Hand Dry

    • Clay Bar Treatment

    • Wheels

    • Leather Treatment

    • Carnauba Wax & Polish

    The Difference That Makes Your Car Stand Out

    Advanced Protective Coatings
    We also offer state-of-the-art hybrid ceramic coatings, which provide longer protection and enhanced shine compared to traditional waxes and sealants.
    Custom Wheel and Tyre Services
    Cleaning, polishing, and protection for wheels, especially important for high-end or custom rims.
    Leather and Fabric Protection

    Our detailing team treat leather with conditioners and protective agents to prevent premature aging. The interior coating applied to all fabric, vinyl and leather surfaces will create a stain barrier which is easier to clean while also protecting against UV damage.

    Convenient Auto Repairs

    We know it's important to have a comfortable place to wait, and sometimes work, while your car servicing is being done. That’s why we’ve created our state-of-the-art waiting areas for your convenience. Complete with free and fast internet, work stations, and two private pods for you to have privacy while conducting work calls or Zoom meetings while you wait.

    If you simply want to take this time to relax, read, or take a break, we also offer a self-serve cafe’, allowing you to indulge in some refreshments and assorted snacks at your leisure.