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Holden Colorado Review - Unbiased and Honest

Holden Colorodo 2021

There are many new cars on the market at the moment, maybe you have you been considering a new ute? The new and much improved Holden Colorado comes with either an upgraded diesel engine or turbo engine and the added option of dual-range four-wheel drive.

If you are looking at the Ford Ranger or the Toyota Hilux, you owe it to yourself to also look at also loo at the Holden Colorado.

This vehicle is perfectly suited to the rugged Australian environment because it can easily toe huge loads (towing capacity starts from 3500kg) or if you are a tech lover because the Colorado has many cool features including a smartphone integration via Apple Carplay and Android Auto.


This vehicle was fully updated in September 2016, and it's like a totally new car. This re-vamp helped eliminate many of the issues that people had with this vehicle previously.

The new model has been designed to deal with off-road conditions better than the previous models but it lacks some of the advanced safety options, like the autonomous emergency braking system other utes have in the class. All versions of this car feature heated leather seats, cruise control, digital radio, a full-size spare wheel, functional braking control system, a comfortable rear seat section for families, an infotainment system, seven airbags, rain-sensing wipers, also reversing camera and rear parking sensors are standard on all models to make your driving experience smooth and enjoyable.

It's equipped with an upgraded headlamp that automatically comes on when your surroundings get dark and track the road as you turn corners. The Holden Colorado features a computerized stability control option that helps you have a strong grip on your car when in a skid. It also comes with a Trailer Sway Control option to balance a towing car if its trailer is sliding from one end to another.

Lastly, it comes with a five-year warranty and unlimited-kilometre warranty, which is more than what most new cars in Australia offer.

Key Features Available In Top Of The Range Models?

The least expensive, and base model, of the Colorado is targeted at those who want a strong ute that's affordable. It comes with comfortable seats and 16-inch steel wheels. The Crew Cab variant features a durable vinyl floor covering to prevent it from getting too dirty.

If you have more to spend, you can opt for the Colorado LT and enjoy the benefits of having upgraded aluminium alloy wheels. This version also features additions such as four-wheel drive which enhances its off-road capabilities slightly to the bases model, additionally, the floors are protected with carpet instead of vinyl. You can also purchase the LSX Crew Cab if you want a stronger ute because it comes with 18-inch alloy wheels and wheel arches.


Are you still willing to go bigger? Then check out the Colorado LTZ and its expansive features

The front section of the LTZ is designed with comfort in mind. It comes with heated seats, and a complete electronic system so you can position the driver's seat to your comfort, it also has in-built satellite navigation and a full 8-inch touch screen.

Its rain-sensing wipers automatically activate, and thanks to the climate control ventilation, the car's temperature remains fixed throughout the cabin. This version of the Holden Colorado features two safety aids: the lane departure warning and the forward collision alert. In addition to that, it has a tow bar and an enhanced steering column.

The tyre pressure monitoring feature lets you know the instant any of the tires are losing air, and this can help you from damaging your tyres beyond repair or if you're going off-road.

The Colorado Z71 is the most expensive because of the broad range of accessories it comes with.


What Body Styles Are Available For the Holden Colorado?

It is available in Single Cab, Crew Cab, Dual Cab Ute and Space Cab, plus all of these styles come in pick-up form and cab chassis.

Cab-chassis come with a fitted tray that you can fix at the rear, and you can opt for any tray of your choice. The pick-ups come with factory-fixed trays positioned at the back. The Space Cabs and Crew Cabs are available in pick-up forms, and the cab styles are in cab-chassis variants.

Is the Holden Colorado Comfortable?


It is a very comfortable ute because of the September 2016 update. This car features spacious cabin storage and a centre console.

On the downside, its seats are a bit flat, and there isn't much lateral support in the front and rear seats which wasn't cleverly designed for your comfort. However, in the more expensive versions, like the Colorado Z71 and LTZ, the seats have a power-adjustable option which eliminates this problem.

You can easily move the steering wheel in an up and down movement, not sideways, but this is common with other car models like the Ford Ranger, the Toyota Hilux, and Isuzu D Max. It might be a bit difficult for some people to find an ideal position because the legroom of this vehicle is a bit small. This is the same with all dual-cab utes; when just one person is on board in this vehicle, it tends to be a bit shaky. That's because it's designed to carry on a full load.


Holden takes into account fuel economy, and for this reason, the engine is equipped with fuel-saving technology, which has more power when moving at a low velocity. However, when you take it for a road test, you might find out that it feels just the same.

Its fuel consumption is estimated to start from 8.6L/100km, and this applies to the latest versions.


The GM factory in Thailand produces the single 2.8L, turbocharged Duramax engine in all the Holden colorado models.

Is the Holden Colorado Any Good?

In the dual-cab ute market, the improved Holden Colorado is one of the most reliable dual-cabs out there and is about as much fun as you can have on four wheels. It has lots of catchy features like a reversing camera, leather heated front seats, plus it comes with a six-speed auto gearbox.

Is the Holden Colorado Good Off-Road?

When taking this vehicle for a road test, you are quickly going to discover that Holden engineers have outdone themselves to create a vehicle that can function perfectly on and off-road. To be frank, there isn't much the car can't handle, if you were to get a tow bar fitted you could easily take your family around Australia on an off-road adventure and tow a large caravan.

Is the Holden Colorado the Same as Isuzu D Max?

Both companies produce different cars. In the past, Holden and Isuzu once had a successful relationship, but over time, they both had different visions and decided to end a decades-old relationship.

Holden focuses on eye-catchy, top-end flagship models, and Isuzu is just somewhere in between in terms of road costs and whistles.

What Are the Pros of Purchasing the Z71?

Like all utes, the Holden Colorado is perfect for load-lugging, and the updated version is one of the best versions for this too.

Its six-speed automatic feature combined with the 2.8-litre engine makes it perfect for highway speeds. Due to the six-speed auto, you can add extra kilograms of cargo without pulling the car's weight. Also, it features a hill start assist that comes in handy when climbing at any elevation.

Holden Colorado Seats


The seats of these vehicles come in three variants: two seats, four seats, or five seats. The LT, LS-X, and LTZ Space Cab come in only pure black cloth seat covers. All have good legroom.

Holden Colorado Colours

It is available in seven colours; Mineral Black, Absolute Red, Power Blue, Summit White, Orange Crush, Nitrate Silver, and Dark Shadow.

Manufacturer's Recommended List Price

The price range of the Colorado is dependent on its model and trim levels. The price ranges from $25,100 to $57,530, depending on the features. However, it may be subjected to additional stamp duty and on-road costs.

For entry-level Colorado models like the LS model, the pricing starts at $31,690, without on-road costs. And the Colorado LSX starts at $46,990 before on-road costs.

What Edge Do Similar Cars Have Over Colorado?

Other similar competitors feature a four-wheel-drive system, a possible active cruise option, and a rear differential lock.

Also, unlike the Mitsubishi Triton with a seven-year warranty, the Colorado comes with a 5-year warranty. Plus, the Mitsubishi Triton has two engine petrol options, but the Colorado has just the diesel option.

Is it Advisable to Buy a Colorado Now?

Yes, the Holden company is shutting down, but you should purchase it if you can get a good deal.

Is Toyota Hilux A Better Car Than Holden Colorado?

Colorado is a better option because of its superb engine performance and spacious cabin. However, its absence of an autonomous emergency braking feature makes it a less safe option.

What is the Use of the Forward Collision Alert?

This is a safety feature equipped in Colorado vehicles to prevent you from colliding head-on into another vehicle.

How to Turn on the Lane Departure Warning?

Push the LDW button on the left side of the steering wheel, and that's all.

Are you ready to buy a Holden Colorado? If you're looking for a second-hand or near new Colorado in Perth, Come and see the team at Westside Auto wholesale in Bentley.

We have a huge selection of cars on offer and our friendly sales team can help find the perfect car for your needs.

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