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Buying Your First Car - A Helpful Guide

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Buying your first car is both an exciting time and a scary time for all involved.

Finding that suitable vehicle is the first step in ensuring that your child has a safe driving experience. Here are some tips and features that you may want to consider when helping them choose their first vehicle.

Before deciding on a make and model, consider what the vehicle will be used for and if the car will be suitable for those all-important driving lessons. Will they be responsible for picking up a younger sibling, is it to get to work or for trips with friends or more than likely a bit of everything?

You also need to consider the driving environment and what type of fuel efficiency you need. If you are going to be doing a high amount of city kilometres then it will be worth looking at a small–capacity engine. If it’s for the longer trips or traveling on highways frequently, a vehicle with a larger engine might be what you are looking for. And make sure you look at the maintenance costs for the vehicle. You don’t want to be paying out big dollars for parts if something does go wrong.

States and Territories have restrictions on driving high-powered vehicles – these include many turbos or supercharged petrol engine cars and V8’s. These restrictions may also apply if your child is a provisional license holder under the age of 25. Make sure you check with your relevant State or Territory road authority as to which cars are restricted.

Know the car’s safety features

Research the model and choose a vehicle with a combination of safety features so that the risk of accident, injury or death on the road is decreased. Car manufacturers offer many different combinations of safety features as a standard inclusion in their vehicles these days so make sure you are aware of what is available.

Does Size Matter?

Research shows that larger cars (between 1350 – 1550kg or more) are more likely to offer better protection in a crash than smaller cars (less than 1100 – 1350kg). However, 4WD’s may be more susceptible to rollover crashes, so if looking to buy one, make sure it also comes with safety features including Electronic Stability Control and side and curtain airbags. Also consider the parking space of where the vehicle is to be homed, larger vehicles can be harder to park and take up more space. On the other hand, smaller cars may restrict the number of passengers and have less cargo space.

Know the vehicle history and safety rating

Whether you choose to buy New or Used, it is crucial that you check the Vehicle ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) rating or the UCSR (Used Car Safety Rating) for the make and model. The five star rating system is the best and lets drivers and buyers know which cars are the safest.

If you are buying used, a vehicle history check is available online. All you need is the vehicle plate number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or chassis number of the vehicle you’re looking at purchasing. This number is available on the vehicle registration papers or the vehicle itself. The online vehicle history check will provide you with information such as, but not limited to, whether the car has been written off anywhere in Australia since 2004, why it was written off, and if the car has ever been reported as stolen.

A first car should be memorable for all the right reasons. By following these tips and choosing wisely to ensure their safety on the road it should be just that. And don’t forget comprehensive car insurance can provide cover for accidental loss or damage to their vehicle as well as cover against loss of damage to someone else’s property.

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