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Buying the Right Used Car


Buying a car is the second most expensive purchase that most people make in their lives, second to buying a house. But before you start, it’s important to know what you should consider before you decide which car to buy.

If you’re in the market, and would like to know about buying the right used car, here are our tips:

Things to consider before you decide which vehicle to buy

  • What about insurance?
  • Can you drive it on your licence?
  • What paperwork will you need to sort it out?
  • What can you really afford?
  • How much will it cost to run?
  • How safe and reliable is it?
  • What type of car will best suit your needs?

Choose the vehicle

Before you start putting in the leg work you might want to research the market first so you know what to expect in terms of money. Buy the car that not only suits your needs but also your budget.

Protect Yourself

Buying from an unlicensed dealer or a private seller can be risky. They are unregulated and there is little legal protection should there be an issue with the vehicle. Licensed dealers must offer a Statutory Warranty on most used vehicles that they sell. Always make sure the vehicle actually exists, is available and meets your expectations.

Be Safe

Choose a car with a high ANCAP rating and comprehensive safety features.

Independent Inspection

You may want to consider having an independent inspection carried out on the vehicle by a qualified mechanic. You can make the independent inspection part of the contract and as a condition of sale so if the inspection is unsatisfactory you are not locked into a contract.

At Westside Auto Wholesale we welcome independent inspections on all of our used vehicles.

Get it in writing

Ignore any promise, warranty or guarantee that isn’t in writing as it is difficult to enforce.

Background check

If buying a vehicle privately, check the Personal Property Security Register online or by phoning 1300 007 777 to determine if there is any money owing on the vehicle, is listed as stolen or is on the written off vehicle register. If there is money owing on the vehicle, don’t buy it if there is any doubt it wont be paid as you will not get clear title to the vehicle and it could be repossessed.

Check your contract

Never sign a contract that is incomplete. Always read and be sure that you understand it before you sign it. Also be sure that it is the car that you want, can afford and it is in the condition you will accept.

Important documents

Always get a copy of any contract or if relevant, warranty documents for the vehicle.

Are you qualified?

In some states, if you passed your test in an automatic, you will only be qualified to drive cars with automatic transmission. And if you are a P-Plate driver, in some states your license won’t qualify you to drive high-performance vehicles or vehicles with modified engines.

Rules vary from state to state on this, so check with the roads and traffic authority in your relevant state.


You should have Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance or Third Party Property insurance as well.

In the market?

If you are in the market and are looking at buying the right used car for yourself, why not call past Westside Auto Wholesale? With over 1,000 vehicles under one roof, we are sure to have something to suit everyone’s needs.

You can check out our full range of stock on our website at www.westsideatuo.com.au

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