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2022 BMW iX3 Review

2022 bmw ix3

Discover the hottest vehicle offering from BMW in 2022! Nearly a decade after releasing its first electric car, BMW rolled out its latest electric SUV: the 2022 BMW iX3. At Westside Auto Wholesale, we believe the iX3 marks the beginning of BMW’s shift to large-scale electric car production. Explore the best features of the BMW iX3 below.


BMW’s first venture into electric car production struggled to live up to expectations. The lack of interest in electric cars and the unfamiliar appearance of the i3 led to low sales figures. BMW eventually decided to do away with the unusual styling and intricate carbon-fibre construction of the i3.

BMW figured that most consumers do not want an unconventional-looking electric car. This realisation gave birth to the revamped BMW iX3, the electric version of the X3 SUV. Except for the blue highlights, plastic kidney grilles, lack of tailpipes, and the 20-inch aero alloy wheels, the BMW iX3 resembles the petrol and diesel variants in almost every way.

Market Competition

The electric car market continues to grow at a rapid pace, and EVs may even replace diesel and petrol cars in the future. Multiple car manufacturers recently have joined the electric car production race, offering electric vehicles of their own. So, how does the 2022 BMW iX3 measure up against its market competitors?

The BMW iX3 fares quite well in a packed pool of electric SUVs like the Mercedes Benz EQC, the Audi e-Tron, and the Jaguar I-Pace. The BMW iX3’s quick charging feature, long-range capability, and reasonable price tag make it a strong contender for Best EV of the Year. Find some of the most compelling details about the 2022 BMW iX3l below to see why you may want to consider purchasing this fun, sporty SUV.

Value for Money

With an initial price of $114,900, the 2022 BMW iX3 possesses a long list of standard features, including:

● Adaptive suspension

● Automatic tailgate

● 20-inch aerodynamic alloy wheels

● Adaptive LED headlights

● Active cruise control

● Three-zone climate control

● Heads-up display

● 12-inch multimedia touchscreen

● Adjustable heated front seats

● Three colour choices for leather trim

You can upgrade the BMW iX3 to include one of six metallic paint colours, foldable heated side mirrors, or the BMW M Sport body kit. Its range of 460 km remains competitive with other EVs, considering the Mercedes Benz EQC and Jaguar I-Pace can go as far as 434 km and 470 km, respectively. Some of the iX3’s other compelling features include:

● Keyless start

● Keyless entry

● Rain-sensing wipers

● Ambient lighting

● Satellite navigation

● Parking assistant

● Harman Kardon audio

● Glass roof

● Wireless smartphone charging

BMW also offers a five-year Chargefox network subscription. You can charge your vehicle for free for the first five years after purchase. All of the 2022 BMW iX3’s advanced features make it a terrific deal compared to other SUVs in its class.


The electric BMW iX3 closely resembles its combustion-powered variants. However, a thorough inspection reveals superior aerodynamics, producing a drag coefficient of 0.29—a remarkable figure for an SUV. Part of its aerodynamic exterior design includes a rear diffuser panel that regulates undercarriage airflow.

The interior of the iX3 also stays true to BMW’s luxury brand with a smattering of blue highlights to indicate the vehicle’s electric power plant. The iX3’s technology also gets a boost in the form of larger digital infotainment screens.

The SUV’s leather seats come in three different colours, and you can select from a variety of interior trim elements. Overall, the iX3 looks as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Interior Space

The 2022 BMW iX3’s similarity to the BMW X3 means that both vehicles offer almost the same amount of interior space. As such, the iX3 provides plenty of headroom, lots of storage, a couple of cupholders in the central console, and a large glove box.

The iX3 also features oversized door bins with separate sections for water bottles, and the armrests double as medium-sized storage cubbies. Passengers in the backseat will enjoy ample legroom, even behind the driver.

The iX3’s boot offers a storage capacity of 510 litres while the rear seat remains upright. You can increase this capacity to 1,560 litres by lowering the split-folding rear seats.

Driving Experience

BMW revealed that Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and BMW sound designer Renzo Vitale came up with the iX3’s simulated start-stop sounds. Matching acoustic patterns also accompany each driving state.

The iX3’s overhead view, 360° field vision, and reversing camera makes parking easy. The iX3’s acceleration feels average as you go from zero to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds.

The 400 nm of maximum torque and the motor speed of 17,000 rpm means the SUV demonstrates decent pulling power.

You can choose from three driving modes — Sport, Comfort, and Eco Pro. The iX3 also features regenerative braking to recapture spent energy. The regeneration system automatically adapts intensity, but you can also select the low, medium, or high setting in the iDrive system.


The automatic emergency braking (AEB) headlines the iX3’s crash-avoidance features. The iX3 also includes a crossroads function that provides cyclist and pedestrian detection. Other features on the iX3’s active safety list include:

● Dynamic brake lights

● Lane-keeping assist with active side collision prevention

● Active cruise control

● Lane departure warning

● Front and rear cross-traffic alert with brake intervention

● Rear collision prevention

● Evasion assistant

● Automatic speed limit assist


For the iX3, BMW offers a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty that includes paintwork and a 12-year, unlimited mileage anti-corrosion warranty. The battery warranty lasts for eight years or 160,000 km, whichever comes first. You can choose from multiple service packages to meet your needs as a BMW owner.

Westside Auto Wholesale: Your Luxury SUV Superstore in Perth

Our experts at Westside Auto Wholesale found that the 2022 BMW iX3 offers a refined driving experience. Considering the flaws in the original BMW X3, the iX3 delivers dependable performance and provides a lot of value for a midsize premium SUV.

Call (08) 6145 0099 today to speak with one of our Westside Auto Wholesale representatives about the 2022 BMW iX3 and other electric vehicles in Bentley, WA!

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