June 18, 2019

FORD MUSTANG, RATE IT OR HATE IT? As most people know, Ford will be shutting it’s doors on manufacturing vehicles in Australia in October 2016, after nearly 110 years in Australia. That means the iconic Ford Falcon will cease to exist much to the disappointment of its many loyal fans.

But to help the grieving process, Ford is bringing some American muscle to our door step…the Mustang! The last time a right hand drive Mustang was imported to Australia was in the 1960’s. In 2001 Ford Australia converted a small amount of Mustangs to compete with Holden’s Monaro but with a price tag close to $90,000, less than 400 were sold.

With a price tag rumoured to be around the more affordable $45,000 for the 4 cylinder version and $55,000 for the V8, the Mustang should be a big hit this time around. Ford already have 700 deposits and a further 15,000 expressions of interest, so the Mustang is set to take off when it hits our shore late 2015!

What are your thought’s on the Ford Mustang? Are you a fan?If you are looking for a used ford contact us at Westside Auto Wholesale on 08 6145 0000.