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All the latest news in automotive, buying guides and updates from the Westside Auto team.


How to Determine the Best Car for Your Needs and Budget

Finding your ideal car can be a tricky task with so many options, features and price points to consider. To make the car buying process as smooth as possible, we have created this detailed guide on how to choose the best vehicle for you based on your needs and budget.

Master How to Effectively Clean and Detail Your Car With Expert Tips

Are you tired of spending a fortune at the car wash or detailer? What if we told you that achieving a professional-level car cleaning and detailing at home is possible? That’s right the Westside Auto Service experts have put together these tips so you can learn how to effectively clean and detail your car. Get ready to embark on a journey to car cleaning mastery as we guide you through a step-by-step process that will leave your car gleaming inside and out.

How to Maximize Fuel Efficiency and Save Money on Fuel

Have you ever wondered How to Maximize Fuel Efficiency and Save Money on Fuel? With the price of fuel always on the rise it is essential to look at ways to reduce your costs and make your budget go further. Did you know that there are many effective ways to manage gasoline consumption including driving tactics, adjusting the weight of your automobile, looking after vehicle and buying fuel in the correct time in the cycle. This article discusses multiple methods to help you learn how you can get great fuel efficiency while spending less cash overall.

Car Release Dates 2024: Your Complete Guide to Upcoming Models

As Australia gears up for an unprecedented boom in new vehicle sales, 2024 is poised to be a landmark year in the automotive industry. Following a record breaking year for new car sales in 2023, the upcoming year promises an impressive lineup of new models, thanks to eased stock shortages and production bottlenecks. The 2024 New Car Calendar for Australia is brimming with a wide array of fresh cars, SUVs, utes, and vans set to grace local showrooms.

How Interest Rate Changes Effect Your Car Repayments in 2024

It’s crucial to understand how shifting interest rates influence car loan repayments in 2024. At Westside Auto, we will delve into the Reserve Bank of Australia’s part in this puzzle, as well as what inflationary pressures could lead to more rate hikes and tips on navigating a used car market that can be challenging due to these changing conditions.

How To Safely Jumpstart Your Car Battery

Imagine being stranded with a dead car battery, miles away from home, with no idea how to jump start your vehicle. Don’t allow yourself to be caught unprepared. This blog post will provide you with a “step by step guide on safely jumpstarting your car”, as well as tips on maintaining your car battery and troubleshooting common issues.

The Best Cars of 2023

Embark on an exciting ride to explore the top picks of 2023 cars! This year’s collection is rich in different vehicles offering something for all tastes and lifestyles. From powerful performance models to electric marvels, family-oriented rides, off-road badasses as well as Australia’s finest – this broad range has it all, Get ready to find your dream car today and join us on this amazing journey through the world of wheels.

Westside Auto Wholesale Wins Prestigious International Award for Exceptional Customer Service and Satisfaction

Westside Auto Wholesale, a renowned leader in the automotive industry, is proud to announce its recent triumph in securing the Modern Retailing Experience Awards for Customer Experience, a prestigious international accolade recognising unparalleled excellence in customer service and satisfaction

How to Perform a Car Service History Check

Picture this: you’re about to buy a used car, and everything seems perfect - the price is right, the exterior looks great, and the test drive goes smoothly. But what about the car’s “medical record”, its car service history check? In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the crucial process of checking a car’s service history, helping you understand its past maintenance and repairs, and ultimately make a more informed decision when buying or selling a vehicle.