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Top 5 SUV’s in 2020

Top 5 SUVs

If you read news reviews, you are sure to find that there are many large SUVs on the market. Which of them is going to be the best new car for your family? With so many model options out there, it's hard to compare them all and get the best SUV for your needs.

This list compares the best SUVs out there and focuses on the model options available to give you the best SUVs in Australia.

Whether you want a third row, the top safety features, or require something with plenty of grunt that's fuel-efficient, this list has you covered. You can feel comfortable getting behind the wheel of your new SUV and know that it's the best SUV for your needs.


Mazda CX 9

If you want the best SUVs on the market, you've got to consider the CX-9 from Mazda. It's a huge step up from the Mazda CX 5. Years ago, the CX 5 was the top choice, but it didn't have a third row. Though the best-selling SUVs don't have to utilize this feature, most people prefer it in their large SUVs.

Where price is concerned, the CX-9 is a top choice. It offers excellent fuel economy and performance and has a variety of standard features you're sure to appreciate.

You're going to appreciate the cabin of this SUV because it uses premium options to provide you with the comfort you want. It also works well on the road and features a petrol engine with enough torque to do what you want.


Toyota RAV4

Everyone wants a car that does what it needs to do, and the Toyota RAV4 has what you require. It has various model styles, such as the Edge, Cruiser, GXL, and GX. Therefore, you have many choices. They're all designed with a petrol engine to be as safe as possible. However, fuel economy and performance are also considered by the brand.

For the price, you get quite a few features standard. We like that it offers a four-wheel-drive SUV version, making it one of the best SUVs on the market right now. However, two-wheel-drive styles are available, so you can choose the vehicle that fits your needs.

Toyota is well-known for providing appropriate safety options in its SUV and car lines. Therefore, you're going to get alerts when you leave your lane, cruise control, blind-spot monitors, and many others. Most of the models run on petrol, but there is a 2.2L diesel engine if you want a car that goes strong.


Toyota LandCruiser

Next, you might want to consider the LandCruiser from Toyota. This family SUV is a tough vehicle that's going to meet all of your needs. Though cars are often too small for families, this is a larger SUV than some of the others. It's common to see it on the road, and it's part of the long-running models on the market.

It's popular for those who prefer to go off-road or want to stick to the regular roadways.

There's a range of options, including the Sahara, VX, GX, and GXL. You can even choose the seating you want from five to eight seats. That way, the entire family has enough space. It's powered by a 4.6L V8 petrol engine, but you can also find a diesel style.

When a car just isn't enough, the LandCruiser is a great choice when compared to other SUVs. You're going to appreciate the multi-terrain system, which gives you a smooth ride on even the bumpiest of roads. No car can do that!

There's also the electro-multi-vision screen on a few models. This helps with comfort and offers a luxury experience. The interior is smooth and beautiful, making it an ideal choice for those who want something comfortable on the road in Australia.

These SUVs also come with extra features that are sure to wow the family and make it easier to enjoy yourself on long trips.


Mitsubishi Outlander

If you want something different than a car, SUVs are the next choice. Some people prefer plug-in hybrid SUVs like the Mitsubishi Outlander. It has been sold extensively in Australia and offers a 55km range without any emissions being produced. This is often enough for regular errands.

Though you can find car styles that produce little to no emissions, they might not be big enough for the family. This is why SUVs are designed. You're going to appreciate the powerful engine, which runs on petrol. However, there's also a 70kW electric motor. The brand has recently changed the model of this SUV to improve its performance and increase the battery capacity.

These SUVs have combined CO2 emissions of 43g per kilometer and a hybrid petrol consumption combined of 1.9L per 100km. This SUV is tough and durable, and it uses less petrol, as well.


Hyundai Tucson

This car is a good choice for most families, there's something that SUVs can do that a car can't. For one, you've got much more room, as proven by the Hyundai Tucson. This flagship SUV style is a great seller and includes many trim levels for you to test.

There are multiple engines available throughout the trim levels, and you can also pick between two or all-wheel drives. Many people like this SUV because of the AWD feature. That way, they can take it anywhere in Australia without worrying about doing damage or getting stuck.

The entire family is going to enjoy driving these SUVs. There are plenty of exciting features, such as the Surround View Monitor to protect you on the road. You've also got water-resistant seat covers, a panoramic sunroof, and so much more.


Years ago, the SUV wasn't something that you'd see. It was easier to find a sports car or a ute in Australia. However, the need for luxury has shown everyone that the SUV is a great choice. This list has shown the best SUVs for the family.

If you live in Australia, any of these options are ideal. You have plenty of towing capacity, and most of the models use an air suspension system now. That way, you can be on the road with the family and do whatever you need.

Since the SUV is bigger than a car, you've got many models to consider. They offer a smooth ride, a beautiful interior, and SUVs are also bigger and hold more items.

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