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Selling Your Car in 2022 - Hints and Tips

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Are you looking to trade in your old car for a newer model? Maybe you want to sell your current vehicle because you don’t use it often. Regardless of your reasons, many people find selling their car intimidating, delaying the process or even putting it aside altogether.

Before you begin the process of selling, you should keep some things in mind that help you showcase the value of your car and get the best possible price. When you sell to a reputable dealer like Westside Auto, the process is fast, easy, and fair. With just a little bit of preparation, you can have the cash from your car sale in 24 hours.

Because the process is unfamiliar to many sellers, we’ve created a list of hints and tips to help you prepare and sell your car quickly and with no hassle.


Maximize Your Car’s Appeal

Simply put, if you want people to want your car, you need to upsell the things that make it valuable to a potential buyer. Investing time, effort, and a little money in a detail and tuneup to make your car look its best goes a long way to help you make a profit on the sale.

Clean and Detail Your Car

As an initial step, you should remove all personal items from the car before cleaning it. If you smoke in your car, you’re going to want to eliminate the smell, clean out every ashtray, and use a deodoriser.

If you don’t want to scrub, vacuum, and buff the interior yourself, get your car professionally washed and detailed. It does cost money, but you will make that back and more upon selling the vehicle. This money is worth the time it would take you to detail on your own, especially since the results will have the mark of a professional.

With the interior spotless, the next step is to wash and polish your car’s exterior. Make sure to get every last inch, including the wheels, trim, and windows.

Even if your car isn’t in the best condition, Westside Auto still provides accurate valuations to give you the best price for your vehicle. We also have a large network of contacts looking to buy cars in all price ranges and conditions. Don’t assume that you can’t sell your old bunky — bring it in to the expert evaluators at Westside Auto and find out what it’s worth.

Visit the Mechanic

When you sell, do it after a mechanic services your car to ensure that it is in the best possible condition. The better shape your car is in, the better the offer will be. Like investing in a thorough car wash and detail, taking it to a mechanic before selling is an easy way to get the best value for your car.

After your mechanic services the car, it’s best to:

  • Top up the oil tank, coolant, and brake fluid

  • Refill windscreen wiper fluid tanks

  • Inflate the tires to the proper pressure

If there are more serious issues with your car, like dents, scratches, or electrical issues, take note of them. When you bring your car into Westside Auto, the evaluators will take these into account when determining the value of your car.

Assemble Your Paperwork

When preparing to sell your car, you need to gather documents that prove you own the car and show that it has been serviced recently. Invest in a vehicle history report. Many online services exist in Australia to help you with this process.

When you bring in your car to Westside Auto for evaluation, have all your documents on hand, including its:

  • Vehicle history report

  • Registration

  • Title

  • Papers from its recent service

  • Finance payout letter

Westside Auto makes selling your car easy and stress-free. Even if you still owe money on the vehicle, Westside Auto can pay out your lease, hire purchase, or finance.

Let us handle the financial paperwork — just bring in your car, documents, and finance payout letter, and we’ll make an electronic funds transfer to your bank in 24 hours or less. Or, if you prefer a cheque, we can provide that, too.


Research Your Car’s Estimated Value

Knowing the value of your car can be tricky. While you can check local listings and online appraisal tools for cars like yours, valuing a car means considering its age, mileage, and condition, along with knowing the current market value.

Selling a car by yourself to an inexperienced buyer can result in debating your car’s value and haggling over a fair price. Don’t get lowballed! Instead, take the headache and hassle out of selling your car by working with an experienced buyer who knows your car’s value.

Westside Auto’s instant valuation tool makes it easier than ever to know what your car is worth. Simply fill in a few details on our online form about the make and model of your car, upload photos, and bring your car in to receive your instant valuation.

When you bring your car to the car-valuation experts at Westside Auto, they assess your car’s:

  • Age

  • Mileage

  • Condition

  • Accident records

  • Current market value, based on data for your exact car

  • Any custom modifications

When you sell to a full-time, experienced buyer, you ensure that you get the fair market value for your car, whether it’s a late-model vehicle in good condition or a bunky. If you’re ready to receive an offer, just bring in your car for a hassle-free assessment with our team of professional car buyers.


Sell to a Trusted, Experienced Dealer

Selling your car doesn’t have to be the complex, risky transaction it used to be. If you do your research, prepare your car, and work with a reputable dealer, selling is a stress-free process.

Other dealerships may require you to trade in the car you’re selling for a new car. At Westside Auto, you can sell your car and get the best price even if you are not looking to buy another car. We make the process as easy and pain-free as possible.

If you just want to receive an offer for your car, allow Westside Auto’s trusted experts to assess its value. We rely on the latest data on what other buyers are paying for your exact car to determine its worth, so you always get a fair price — no haggling necessary!

What to Bring When Selling Your Car

When you’re ready to sell your car, bring the following items:

  • Your car

  • Your driver’s license

  • The car’s registration papers

  • All keys and remotes

  • The car’s owners manual

  • Your bank details

  • Finance payout letter (if you still owe money on the car)

Working with Westside Auto is the easiest way to sell your car. Buying and selling cars is what we do, so we guarantee a hassle-free process from start to finish. Get the best price and have the cash from your car sale within 24 hours.

Protect Yourself Against Fraud and Scams

We have to include it: When trying to buy or sell anything independently online, you must be proactive about scams, fraud, and people trying to rip you off. While we have tips to help eliminate some of this, you must always remain wary.

Do not log onto the account where you’ve made your ad via a link in an email. These links will often lead you to phishing scams. If you receive an ad like this, contact the site where you’re selling your car.

Pay attention to your ad to make sure no changes happened that you did not make. If someone refuses to talk on the phone — sticking to online-only communication — put your guard up, as many scammers use this tactic. If an interested buyer only provides you with an email, make sure to ask for a phone number at which you can reach them.

Do not transfer money to a potential buyer. Wait to complete the transaction in person. Likewise, if the offer seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Sell Your Car Without the Stress

Are you ready to receive an offer on your car? Get your instant valuation from Westside Auto Wholesale by filling in your car details on our website.

If you want to take the stress out of car selling, just bring your car to the experts at Westside Auto. We will assess the market value, vehicle condition, and any custom modifications to give you the best price on your car, with the cash in your bank account within 24 hours.

Even if your car isn’t in tip-top shape, we have a large network of car-buying contacts who want to buy cars in various price ranges and vehicle conditions.

Selling your car to Westside Auto is the easiest way to get the best price for your car. Our goal is to make the process as simple and pain-free as possible, and our high turnover and low margins mean that we offer the best price for your car.

You can use our online valuation tool or call us on (08) 6145 0090 to set up a time to bring your car in for a valuation.

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