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Purchasing Vehicles Interstate

Interstate Purchases

Have you finally found that perfect vehicle you have been searching for, only to find out it’s on the other side of Australia? Not sure where to go from here? We look at the process involved in purchasing vehicles interstate.

With online shopping increasingly on the rise, the idea of buying and selling a vehicle interstate is becoming more and more common. Thanks to the improved quality of online classified sites as well as the information available from them, people are now more comfortable trading interstate.

Choosing to purchase a vehicle interstate is predominantly a buyer-driven reason. It may be that a vehicle has a specific feature or modification, or sometimes it’s just because the asking price is better than what the buyer can find locally. Whatever the reasons, the reality is that interstate vehicle trading is happening more and more often.

Here are some things you will need to consider when purchasing a vehicle interstate:

Get an Independent Pre-purchase Inspection

If you’re spending a significant amount of money on anything you want to make sure you are getting what you paid for. An Independent Pre-purchase Inspection by a third party without any financial interest in the vehicle, will provide you with an unbiased, totally independent report. Inspections generally include a full mechanical check of the vehicle, and with all the information at hand, you can make the informed decision in regards to purchasing or not. These reports should be able to provide you with the peace of mind you need when making a large purchase decision.

Background Check

If buying a vehicle privately, check the Personal Property Security Register online or by phoning 1300 007 777 to determine if there is any money owing on the vehicle, is listed as stolen or is on the written off vehicle register. If there is money owing on the vehicle, don’t buy it if there is any doubt it wont be paid as you will not get clear title to the vehicle and it could be repossessed

Organise Vehicle Transport

Unless you’re willing to undertake a road trip and spend a heap of time and money flying interstate to collect the vehicle directly from the seller, you’re going to have to arrange transportation. This is generally organised and paid for by the buyer. As a buyer, you should be aware that this can take a bit of organising and coordinating with the seller. There are many reputable vehicle transportation services available, just make sure the one you decide to use has comprehensive insurance that will cover you in the unlikely event your vehicle gets written off or damaged in transit.

Image courtesy: www.cevacarcarrying.com.au

So, where do you start?

Our dynamic Sales Team at Westside Auto Wholesale were asked about what processes are involved and what customers can expect should they choose to purchase Interstate from Westside Auto Wholesale.

How do Independent Inspections work and who pays?

A small fee for the Independent Inspection is paid by the prospective buyer to the engaged inspector. The inspection is carried out and a full written report is provided to the prospective buyer directly. The Independent Inspector will also ring the prospective buyer and inform them of the condition of the vehicle and overall inspection results.

On receipt of the written report, Westside Auto Wholesale will proceed to rectify any warrantable items listed on the report as well as non-warrantable, ‘Condition of Sale’ items at their expense.

What about Registration and Stamp Duty?

Registration and Stamp Duty is usually paid in the Eastern States rather than Perth as generally their licensing costs are cheaper. It is an easy process for those in the Eastern States once the vehicle arrives as their Roadworthy Representatives can do this.

All vehicle’s must be unlicensed before leaving Western Australia, unless a Western Australian garaging address can be provided for the vehicle.

Moving Permits may need to be obtained in some States or Territories to allow for movement of the unlicensed vehicle.

Who pays and arranges the Transport?

Quotes can be provided for Transport and include full insurances for up to $60,000 which offers great peace of mind for our clients. Transport can be arranged by us, at the expense of the buyer and normally takes approximately 10 – 12 days, (providing that there are no delays or issues encountered by the transport company). Once Transport has been booked a link to a tracking system is sent to the client so they can watch movement of the vehicle as it is being transported.

Have you seen a vehicle you like on the Westside Auto Wholesales website but you’re on the other side of Australia?

Not sure what to do from here? Why not give one of our friendly sales team a call?

You can reach our team on 08 6145 0099, or head to our Meet the team page.


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