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How to Pick the Right Car for Your Road Trip - Tips to Consider


Happy WA from the team at Westside Auto

The team at Westside Auto Wholesale would like to wish you all a safe and happy WA day in 2021. We know that many West Aussies go away over this long weekend, so we have prepared a road trip car guide to ensure that all the people that are going away this weekend are prepared and get home safely.

Australia is a beautiful and vast place. In fact, it is huge, and most of it is full of barren desert that stretches on for miles upon miles. However, in all that, there are stunning things to see and gorgeous views around every corner. If adventure is what you crave in the land down under, a road trip is definitely on your to-do list.

A road trip can be a daunting task, though, especially when you're travelling around Australia. Picking the right car for a road trip isn't easy. Should you go with a station wagon, or do you need a campervan? Maybe you want to have some off-road fun and require a 4WD vehicle.

Do you want to hire a vehicle or own what you need to drive? These are just some of the endless factors to consider when planning your road trip.

How to Start - A Few Road Trip Tips

Every road trip starts and finishes somewhere. Do you want to go on major highways and sealed roads, or do you prefer to do some off-road adventuring on remote routes? This is the most crucial aspect because various cars perform differently based on where they are being driven.

No car has a better advantage on a sealed road, but that changes quickly when you're focused on unsealed stretches. Sedans often handle them decently, but AWD might be a better choice for your vehicles. Those who prefer extreme or remote tracks may want a dedicated 4WD. Those vehicles run much better and are designed for those road conditions.

Another factor to ponder is the remoteness of your destination. If you plan to be isolated for long periods, you want a long-range fuel tank. If nothing else, you need to take more fuel cans with you on your adventure in Australia.

When figuring out how to pick the right car for your road trip, another factor is to focus on your budget and stick to it. If you've never done a road trip to Australia before, it's crucial to know how much you can spend.


Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle for Road Trips in Australia

Do you want something comfortable or need something efficient? Some people prefer large vehicles while others want something more compact, like a car. There are so many decisions out there, and maybe now is the time to focus on what you need for your vacation.

Station Wagons

If you've got a small family for this journey, you may find a station wagon is ideal. It's often reliable and trustworthy. Plus, station wagons are usually affordable, and mechanics can quickly prepare them for the road trip ahead.

You may want to invest in one for driving around Australia, but they can work great on road trips, too!

Usually, they have automatic transmissions and enough room to sleep in the boot if you don't want to spend more on a hotel. Safety is a huge concern, and these vehicle styles rarely have problems. However, a station wagon isn't the best for off-road adventures in Australia, so keep that in mind.


While more expensive to own or hire, campervans come with more comforts and safety features. Generally, they include a gas stove, kitchen, bathroom, and refrigerator. However, they can be small, so they might only be suitable for two people.

With that, they are manual shift and can eat up a lot of fuel. Though they have a large fuel tank, expect to stop periodically while on the road. If you're visiting desolate areas, fuel may be hard to come by, so plan ahead for your road trip to Australia. Please feel free to view our campervan stock.


Usually, the 4WD car is actually an SUV. They are the best vehicle options to experience in Australia, but they can also be more expensive.

It's usually worth it to road trip in an SUV, especially if you're towing a boat, small camper, and other large items. The right vehicle takes safety as a huge concern, but it can also be quite fun. Generally, SUVs are larger and have plenty of space inside for all of your needs. If you're looking for the perfect 4WD for your road trip and still can decided you can have a look at our current 7 Seater 4WD stock.

What to Consider for the Right Car for a Road Trip in Australia

Whether you're driving around a friendly new neighborhood with the family or going on an extensive journey in Australia, here are the things to focus on when choosing a car for your road trip:

Good Condition

Take the vehicle to a mechanic and have them check the oil, spare tire, and everything else. Every time you leave on a road trip, it's important to ensure that your car is in good condition. Don't forget that Australia is hot, and you don't want to be broken down in the middle of nowhere while driving around!

Auto Insurance

You definitely want to get insurance on whatever vehicle you take. Even if you're just going on regular trips to work, insurance is a requirement. Still, a driver on a road trip could be in a crash or have other problems. The cost you pay for insurance is well worth it!


While you need the space to carry all of your supplies, many people consider the roof as a great place to put more cargo. Your luggage may fit on a roof rail (if the vehicle has one). That way, your family can carry everything you need on your vacation.

Make sure you check the fuel tank, too. Fill it up before leaving town because you don't know how much it might cost in other parts of Australia.


It's definitely fun to plan a vacation and spend some of it driving around new and different parts of Australia. These tips are sure to help you choose the best car for your needs. Maybe you could get some free brochures to help you plan your next road trip. There are so many exciting things to do and tons of vehicles out there to make the experience more enjoyable and the team at westside auto knows how to get the you into the perfect car for your traveling needs. Come in and see us about your next car and let's go and explore this great land of ours together.

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