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Maintain Your Car During the Pandemic

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I know what you're thinking...

Yes, you might be driving less during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it does not mean that your car should be left untouched in the garage.

Think about it... if cars are not driven much, it can create problems with many of the components such as the brakes or engine cylinders.

By taking care of your car during the lockdown, this gives you the opportunity to minimise potental issues that may arise. Flat spots, stalling, and other issues can be prevented, which makes the vehicle ready for the “new normal”.

Here are six ways to maintain your car during the pandemic:

#1 Keep it clean

Car cleaning is essential, especially in times of COVID-19 pandemic. Regular car cleaning can protect you from the COVID-19 virus and your passengers, as well. It is vital to keep your car clean before and after your journey. Disinfect all surfaces including steering wheel, gear stick, door frame and handles, handbrake, elbow rest, radio controls and stalks on the steering wheel. Moreover, regular cleaning can also preserve the paint of the car and a sparkling clean vehicle can make you proud while on the road.

#2 Keep the battery healthy!

The battery is the pulse of the car. Without it, your vehicle will not run. The battery automatically charges when you're using the car, and it can die if leave the car unused for some time. An additional useful tip, if you’re leaving the car unused in the garage for a long period, is to disconnect the car and battery with a good state of charge (80% is ideal) and the battery will drain at a much slower rate. It would be helpful if you park it close to the plug for easy access so you can charge it if necessary and tester to check the battery regularly. This will tell you when you'll need to charge the battery.

#3 Fuel up!

Fuel your car up even if you're not going to use your car! Fill up the tank to prevent moisture build-up. You can also add a fuel stabilizer to prevent corrosion in the fuel lines and engine. On the other hand, you also need to know that gas can go bad in three months due to the lighter and volatile components that evaporate over time. Old fuel can also sap engine power which can lead to stalling. Worst case scenario - the car will not start! It is also essential to fill up as it leaves less room for air and condensation keeping the engine healthy. In short, filling up can limit the oxygen inside the tank - the lesser oxygen, the less volatile compound evaporates. So, gas up!

#4 Check the oil

The oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine. It also cut down friction which can reduce the heat and prevents wear on engine components. Without the oil, the engine will explode, which can lead to expensive repair and maybe purchasing a new engine. So, while under the hood, make sure to check the oil.

#5 Start the car

Move the car, even if it's just a few meters, Touch the brakes, as well. Starting the car for a few minutes is an excellent way to maintain its battery health during the COVID-19 lockdown period. You also need to check the brake lines and brake cylinder for leaks; calipers for wear, free movements and leaks; and the condition of the bake fluid. If you live in areas with low lockdown restrictions, it would be best if you take the car for a spin once a week at a minimum.

#6 Check the other components

Check the functionality of the component to ensure that everything is working properly. Use a tyre stopper or put the car gear in to avoid jamming the car while it is parked. Moving the car backward and forward can also prevent flat spots on tyres while the vehicle is parked for a while. Also, check the air filters as these can get clogged if a car is idle for to long

Bonus Tip:

Park the vehicle in a safe spot, preferably in a closed garage.

Anyway, I am certain you will not like getting into a car after it has been outside in 30 to 100 degrees heat. Secure parking is one of the best car maintenance tips that you should consider at all times.

Keeping your car in a closed garage cannot only protect it from elements that can cause damage but also keep it cool.

Final Word

COVID-19 situation had changed our entire lives - social distancing and wearing of face mask are the new normal, and perhaps taking care of your vehicle?

Although you may be driving or going out less, it is still recommended to follow car care tips to preserve the state of your vehicle during the lockdown.

If you need to sell your car or need to get a used vehicle contact us. Remember we have over 2000 vehicles under one roof, all independently inspected and mechanically checked. Our fixed price buying provides no haggle and no hassle.

Good luck, and stay safe!

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