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5 Tips on Selling Your Vehicle

Handing over the car keys

Do you want to sell your car fast and hassle-free? Did you know many people actually dislike selling their car because it can be daunting?

Here are the top 5 tips that can you help you sell your car fast for the best price:

#1 Research

First things first, do some car market research before selling your car. Find out the necessary details of the car for sale such as price, features, trade-in value, accessories and options. Research is the most essential step that you need to undergo before selling your vehicle. It is vital to gather the best info that can help you sell your car fast.

Buyers' offers vary depending on the condition of the vehicle, mileage along with seasonal elements and region.

For instance, some vehicles are in-demand at certain times of the year. No one wants to buy a convertible during winter, you may get a better price on your car sale during the summer months.

Added options, accessories, and colours make the vehicle more desirable - meaning you'll get a higher market price and you'll get a pool of potential buyers wanting to give you an offer. So, study the market before putting your car up for sale. One more thing… Make sure to compare your price with similar models in the market. This will allow you to arrive at a reasonable asking price.

Does all that sound like a lot of trouble? If you currently have a near new used car save yourself the trouble and bring it down to West Side Auto for a valuation, We are always looking for top-quality used cars and who knows you may end up trading it in.

#2 Know the condition of the vehicle

As mentioned above do your research first - this includes knowing the condition of your car. If you have a car with the side panel kicked in and the engine is in a state of disrepair selling your car could become a real horror story. No matter how great your vehicle is if not well maintained - selling it at a fair price could be impossible!

Do some online research of similar cars like yours, get the mechanic to inspect the car thoroughly - you'll be surprised to find out the number of issues you didn't even know about. Once the car is in top mechanical order and looks fantastic externally, evaluate the condition of your vehicle in comparison to others on the market. This will give you a price range of what the car is actually worth.

It is also essential to factor in the rectification costs, service history, and if the vehicle has been smoked in. These factors can definitely influence the value of the car.

Moreover, be honest about the condition of your car - when talking to a potential buyer or car yard don't lie about the overall condition of the car. If someone takes the car for a test drive and you say that its mechanically sound and it brakes down, it will come back to haunt you. Its best to sort all this out before you try selling your car.

#3 Highlight the best features.

Presentation sells - to obtain the best price, present the vehicle the way you like it if you are the buyer. A vehicle is worth more if the buyer or car yard thinks that it's well taken care of. Highlight not only the benefits but also the features of the vehicle. Take the opportunity to highlight the features and accessories. At Westside Auto our car buying team look at a lot of cars so they will be able to tell if you've looked after your car straight away.

Know your car and its reputation. Let potential buyers know how your car's brand is positioned in the market.

Here's a tip:

Emphasize comfort.

If your car seat is made of NASA technology, talk about it! It's a unique feature that makes your car seats comfortable and safe. Be sure to tell the potential buyer if your seats are heated, electric, ventilated and adjustable. Also, emphasize how roomy and comfortable the backseats are. Safety is another aspect that you need to emphasize when buying a new or used car. So, point out the vehicle's safety system such as a camera, blind spot sensor, and other sophisticated features when selling your car.

#4 Our huge turnover means we can work on smaller margins and give you the best deal.

Westside Auto Wholesale is one of Perth's biggest car warehouse and also one of Western Australia's independent warehouses. We sell more than 900 cars a month, allowing us to operate at a lower margin.

We are always buying cars.

We ensure a hassle-free car sales, so relax, you'll get the cash quickly without any hassle. We also provide an electronic transfer to your bank within 24 hours. The good news is…

We have eight full-time buyers who are always looking for quality vehicle. So, come down and get our best offer for your used car.

#5 Sell it to a reputable dealer

For a quick and safer transaction, sell your vehicle to a reputable dealer. Personal referrals and shopping online are amongst the most effective ways to find a reputable car dealer. Dig a little about the history and reputation of the car dealer. Be very wary of scammers and tyre kickers.

Final Say

You'll likely get the best price for your vehicle if you follow the tips mentioned above. Make sure you meet the expectations of the potential buyer. And study the market thoroughly!

One more thing...

Be honest and objective when selling your car. Emphasize all the best features and be honest about the car history.

So, have you sold your car yet?

Do you want to sell your car fast? Reach out to Westside Auto Wholesale today.

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