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Wheel Balancing Services

Optimise Your Ride - Book a Wheel Balancing Service Today!

Balanced Wheels, For Enhanced Performance

At Westside Auto Service, we provide a meticulous wheel balancing process to enhance your vehicle's performance and safety. Our technicians meticulously adjust the weight distribution around your tyres, eliminating vibrations and extending tyre life. Our efficient service quickly gets your car back on the road with improved handling and stability.

Don’t overlook this essential step; ensure your vehicle’s optimum performance and comfort by scheduling a wheel balance with us today.


Signs that Wheel Balancing is Needed

Unusual vibrations: If you're feeling disconcerting vibrations in your steering wheel, it might indicate an issue with your vehicle's alignment or suspension.

Uneven tire wear: Irregular tire wear can shorten tire lifespan and compromise safety, so it's essential to address this issue promptly.

Poor fuel economy: Experiencing inefficient fuel economy could be a sign of engine problems or improper maintenance, costing you more in the long run.

Steering wobbles: A shaky steering wheel at high speeds can be a serious safety concern, potentially pointing to alignment or tire balance problems that require attention.


The Importance of Wheel Balancing

The benefits of wheel balancing can extend beyond cost savings. It directly impacts the overall driving experience by improving fuel consumption and ensuring a smoother ride. When your wheels are balanced correctly, your car's engine doesn't have to work as hard to overcome uneven tyre resistance. This reduced effort results in improved fuel efficiency, allowing you to get more kilometres to the tank.

It is essential to have your wheels balanced after purchasing new tyres. When new tyres are mounted on wheels, the weight distribution around the tire-wheel unit may not be even. Wheel balancing ensures that the weight is evenly distributed around the entire circumference of the tyre.

This process is crucial for several reasons:

Prevents Vibration: Imbalanced wheels can cause vibrations that are often felt in the steering wheel, floor, or seat, which can be uncomfortable and distracting.

Reduces Tire Wear: Unbalanced wheels can lead to uneven and premature tire wear.

Protects Vehicle Components: Proper balancing minimises stress on the suspension and bearings, helping to prevent future mechanical issues.

Improves Ride Comfort and Handling: Balanced wheels contribute to a smoother ride and better handling of the vehicle.

Book in Your Wheel Balancing Service Today!

At Westside Auto, your vehicle's well-being is our top priority. Our comprehensive wheel balancing process keeps you safe and ensures your car's optimal performance.

Get your Wheels Rolling Smoothing and Book Today!