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Home/News/Westside Auto Wholesale Wins Prestigious International Award for Exceptional Customer Service and Satisfaction

Westside Auto Wholesale Wins Prestigious International Award for Exceptional Customer Service and Satisfaction

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Westside Auto Wholesale, a renowned leader in the automotive industry, is proud to announce its recent triumph in securing the Modern Retailing Experience Awards for Customer Experience, a prestigious international accolade recognising unparalleled excellence in customer service and satisfaction

The Modern Retail Awards recognise the companies and campaigns modernising retail in the digital age. Over the years, these awards have honoured industry-leading work, evaluating contenders on various parameters including customer feedback, service innovation, and overall satisfaction. The rigorous selection process ensures that only the most customer-focused companies are honoured, making Westside Auto Wholesale's victory particularly noteworthy.

This remarkable achievement highlights our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional encounters to customers nationwide.


In a competitive field of participants from around the globe, encompassing numerous dealerships from United States, Italy, and the Netherlands, Westside Auto Wholesale distinguished itself through its innovative approach to customer service. This recognition is not just a testament to our dedication, but also a reflection of the hard work and passion of our entire team.

"Our focus has always been on putting the customer first, and this award is a powerful affirmation of our efforts," said CJ Jayasinghe, CEO, of Westside Auto Wholesale "Winning this international award, especially considering the scale and diversity of the competition, is a monumental achievement for us. It serves as a reminder that our customer-centric philosophy is resonating across borders."

“From our very beginnings, Westside Auto Wholesale has prioritized the customer experience. We have consistently offered the public quality-checked used vehicles, fair and fixed pricing, market-competitive rates on ancillary products, and, more recently, innovative services like our 24-hour Client Contact Centre, online purchasing, intuitive website services, and an enhanced delivery experience. This award signifies more than just recognition; it is a celebration of our collective efforts as a team to deliver the ultimate customer experience. It reflects the hard work, dedication, and passion that each and every one of you brings to Westside Auto Wholesale every single day.

"We extend our heartfelt thanks to our loyal customers and dedicated employees, without whom this achievement would not have been possible. This award belongs to every member of the Westside Auto Wholesale family," concluded CJ Jayasinghe .


This award also underscores Westside Auto Wholesale's ability to consistently deliver top-tier services to an industry leading standard, even across cultural and geographical boundaries. "Our aim is to redefine the standard for customer service in the automotive sector, and this award is a significant milestone in our ongoing journey," added Luke Manion, Chief Digital Officer.


Winning the Modern Retailing Experience Award for Customer Satisfaction is a significant achievement for any automotive business, and this prestigious accolade marks Westside Auto Wholesale as the first dealership in Australia to secure this honour, triumphing over fierce competition.

The accomplishment of a local West Australian company, with its roots in humble beginnings, is a remarkable and inspiring achievement. This victory is a powerful testament to the company's dedication to excellence and its ability to deliver outstanding results in the highly competitive automotive industry.

It highlights Westside Auto's deep understanding of customer needs, and their commitment to providing exceptional customer service, a factor that resonates strongly with the local community.

This victory demonstrates that success is attainable through hard work, innovation, and a customer-focused approach.

It not only reflects the company's current achievements, but also strengthens its position for future growth.

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