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Unique Gifts for Car Lovers

Unique Gifts for Car Lovers

We are always thankful when one of our friends or family in our life is a car lover. Rather than spending hours running around trying to figure out what kind of gift they might like, just jump online and have a look at the incredible looking cool car gadgets and accessories that are out there.

There are countless cool little Bluetooth and wireless gifts for a car enthusiast, as well as some bigger items that you can get if it's an important occasion. There's such a wide selection to choose from that the issue isn't what to get them, but how much to buy them?

There are so many cool, unique gifts for vehicle fans out there that we've decided to make a list of them. This is far from a definitive list, keep in mind, these are just the pieces that we came across and thought were exceptional.

This Worx Car Vacuum

You don't have to fall in with car lovers yourself to know just how much work it is trying to vacuum your car. Using something more traditional is all well and good, but you're going to struggle to vacuum into the seat nooks and crannies. This Worx Car Vacuum solves all of those problems and makes vacuuming a car a cakewalk. It's a life saver.

It comes with a handy carrying bag with it, on top of a ton of different attachments. On top of that, the vacuum sells for a fraction of what you might expect it to cost. You can easily store this in your garage

It's not a particularly fun gift by any means, but it's one of the better ones that we've ever seen for a car lover. If you like getting useful things over flashy things, put this at the top of your list.

CHOETECH Fast Wireless Car Charger

There are two different types of car lovers. There are those that have their phone hooked up to a Bluetooth device; then there are those that keep it propped up on a stand. This is for the latter.

This is far more than just a well made phone stand, though. As the name implies, it's actually a charger, as well.

LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang

If you're a sucker for classic cars, this LEGO version lets you have that without emptying your bank account.

This is admittedly niche compared to the others that we've talked about so far, but that comes with its own benefits. While the other car gifts are going to be good, getting this for the right person could make their birthday or Christmas. Although keep in mind that they do have to make it. If you're buying for young car lovers, then they might require some help.

It's also one of the better made classic lego car sets and even has the correct modeled leather seat interior, so if your car lover is a fan of the lego experience, this is a must buy. Consider purchasing this for a young child to use as a gift for Father's Day! Car loving dads love to have a garage ornament.

The Amazon Echo Auto

The Amazon Echo is far from something that you would see in a classic car, but there's no denying its utility. If your car lover is a fan of keeping an AI around the house, then the Echo Auto is going to help them integrate that into the car.

It comes with all of the features you would expect from a traditional Amazon Echo, including some additional Amazon car functionality.

You're going to be able to use this not only as a voice recorded radio on the road but also as a device to help you find your feet when you're lost.

It requires Bluetooth to work, meaning that you need to have your phone available. If you use the charger that we talked about earlier, though, then you've got yourself a stellar multipart set gift.

Roav Car Charger

This is a fun and utility-based option for those that have older car models that might not have the kind of stereo systems you see these days.

It plugs into your cigarette lighter and does a few things. It acts as a USB charging hub so that you can plug in your phone, but it also has an FM transmitter.

The charger actually acts as a pseudo aux cord, letting you play music and take calls from your phone when it's plugged in.

For the size of the little device, the sound quality is actually fantastic. If the person you're buying for isn't a fan of new cars, then this is among the best options on the menu.

Logitech G920 Racing Wheel

Automotive enthusiasts are often game enthusiasts. Racing simulation games offer an opportunity to pilot cars in locations that you would never be able to do in the real world.

While there are a whole set and kit that comes along with this, a good quality racing wheel is easily the most important for the overall experience. It comes with some high quality pedals, but that's not what we're here for.

It's currently the most responsive models on the market, and while the price tag reflects that, it only goes to make it an even better gift.

Gaming tech can be time sensitive, though, so if you're planning on getting this as a gift, make sure there are no newer and better models out.

A Dashcam

We're not talking about a specific gift this time around. Instead, we're talking about dash cams as a whole. We all know someone that just seems unlucky on the road. They're not a racing fan or a joyrider; they're just among the many lovers of cars. A dashcam is a perfect gift for them.

It's going to record everything that happens in front of your car while you're driving. Realistically, all of us should be using a dashcam, whether we're on a road trip through Australia or we're driving anywhere else for that matter.

It's going to keep you from getting insurance scammed and it can be a major piece of evidence to help if you ever need to go to court or claim your insurance.

You can buy a dashcam at several different price points on Amazon, so have a look.

Riparo Motorsports Driving Glove

Car lovers also tend to be racing lovers, which is great for us. It means that we have an even wider perfect gift selection than usual.

Riparo driving gloves are a great option that bridges these interests.

The gloves are made from genuine leather, which is a surprise given how affordable the gift is. It's the greatest racing glove options on the market for this price point.

If you're buying for someone that's a car person, even if it's just a kris kindle, you can't go wrong here.

Gas Clutch Socks

If you're looking for a fun gift that doubles as a slight hint that they need to work on their skills, this is a great and affordable option.

It's exactly what it says it is. It's a pair of socks that has the gas foot and the clutch foot labeled. It makes for a great small addition to your overall gift and spices up what is otherwise a pretty overused gift.

Car Guy T-Shirt

We all know someone that wears their heart through their accessories, and some of us are lucky enough to know some lovers of cars that also love explaining their interests through their accessories.

This isn't high on the list, but it can be a great gift for the right person. If you've ever seen a t-shirt like this before, then you already know why it's great.

The car guy is actually among the better ones I've seen. "I'm a regular guy, only cooler," it says it all, really.

A Sat Nav

Just like with dash cams, a sat nav is something that everyone should have, whether they're an enthusiast or not.

There is going to be a time in everyone's life where they struggle to find their way. We're not talking about a philosophical meaning here; we are being quite literal.

No matter how good you are with directions, you're going to lose your direction at some point. Being able to use a sat nav makes it so much easier to find your journey back.

This would be an option that is high on our personal list, although we don't think most car lovers are as bad with directions as me.

Regardless, this is among the best accessories you're going to find for someone that's a fan of cars.

Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker

From being completely useless with directions to just being completely useless in general, that's what this gift is all about.

Going back to your garage to buy another key costs a crazy amount of money, whereas you can spend $30 on the Tile Pro tracker and avoid all of that hassle.

These trackers operate within a 400-foot radius, which is more than enough to track down your keys while you're wandering around the house.

There is also a lot of overall users of this tech, and the community is generally more than willing to give you a hand.

Not only is this a great gift, but it's going to make the overall car owning experience so much easier.

MrCuff Car Cufflinks

We're right back with accessories now, but this time, accessories that find use in more formal settings.

Gift ideas for car enthusiasts are one thing, but getting them something of significance that they're going to wear to a wedding or something similar is another gesture entirely.

This is great for a close loved one that falls into the auto enthusiast category. The cuff links are incredibly high quality, too, which is good for the price.

A Good Pair of Sunglasses

This is yet another one of those general gifts for car lovers. This time, we're going to be discussing the perfect gift for car lovers that are operating in particularly sunny conditions, sunglasses.

Whether you yourself are one of the car lovers or not, you're going to know the pain of driving with the sun in your eyes. This gift removes that factor from the equation.

The best thing about gift ideas like these is that it's completely scalable. You can buy decent sunglasses for a few dollars, or you can spend thousands if it's a big gift for a loved one. Either way, you have options.

You can head onto Amazon and browse the selection for the perfect one you like. Although, if you're anywhere else that doesn't have a lot of sun, maybe give this one a miss.

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