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Top 10 Used Cars For First Time Buyers

Top 10 cars for first time buyers

You’ve finished all your hours and have passed your Learner’s test, now it's time to buy your very own car. We have compiled a list of the top 10 used cars for first-time buyers.

Hyundai Accent

Available in both sedan and hatch variants, the Hyundai Accent is extremely reliable. Delivering exceptional comfort with plenty of interior space. The Accent is packed with plenty of well-appointed features throughout and offers a 5 Star ANCAP rating, leaving you feeling safe on the road.

View our range of Hyundai Accent here

Toyota Corolla

The 2019 Toyota Corolla marks the 12th generation for this small car. Available in sedan and hatch variants, the Corolla has always been known as a reliable and solid vehicle. With a 5 Star ANCAP rating, the Toyota Corolla is one of the best-selling vehicles in the world.

View our range of Toyota Corolla here

Mazda 3

If you are after an agile yet practical vehicle, the Mazda 3 fits the description. Offering strong performance and sporty handling, the Mazda 3 is extremely reliable and provides great fuel economy. This vehicle is one of the Japanese brands most popular models, which is no surprise considering it was a top 3 finalist for the World Car of the Year award.

View our range of Mazda 3 here

Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift is an outstanding success story for the brand in Australia, accounting for half of all Suzuki car sales. Affordable, reliable and roomy, the Swift is a popular prospect for first-time buyers with it’s eye-catching style. Tested by EuroNCAP and achieving a 5 Star result, the Suzuki Swift will leave you feeling safe on the road.

View our range of Suzuki Swift here

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has carved out a solid spot in the Australian market. Available in both sedan and hatch variants, the Civic’s quick and precise steering makes it a pleasure to drive. Offering good fuel economy and a comfortable, well-built interior, the Honda Civic is compact and reliable.

View our range of Honda Civic here

Toyota Camry

Highly appreciated for its safety, the Toyota Camry is extremely sought after with an impressive 5-star ANCAP rating. With plenty of room to seat 5 adults and offering great fuel economy, the Camry is a perfect mid-sized sedan you might look for when considering parts and repair costs.

View our range of Toyota Camry here

Kia Rio

The the Kia Rio is practical, reliable and offers excellent fuel economy, all ideal features for a first-time buyer. Compact yet spacious, the Rio offers smooth road handling, accurate steering and the 5-star ANCAP rating will keep you feeling safe on the road.

View our range of Kia Rio here

Honda Accord

Like the Camry, the Honda Accord is a top lister when it comes to shopping for a first car. The Accord has set gold standards in the mid-sized sedan market. Roomy, practical and fuel efficient, the Honda Accord offers smooth road handling and is a great prospect for first-time buyers.

View our range of Honda Accord here

Toyota Yaris

Sold in such large numbers, it is easy to find a Toyota Yaris in great second-hand condition. The Yaris can provide years of safety while still being affordable and extremely reliable. Tested by ANCAP and receiving a 5-star rating, it is the perfect vehicle for any young driver.

View our range of Toyota Yaris here

Kia Cerato

Available in both sedan and hatch variants, the Kia Cerato is packed with plenty of well-appointed features. Despite being a small car, the Cerato provides plenty of space for passengers and luggage. With great fuel economy and a 5-star ANCAP rating, the Kia Cerato will be the perfect set of wheels for a first-time buyer.

View our range of Kia Cerato here

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