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The Holden Colorado Interior - Review

2021 holden colorado interior

In 2008 the General Motors lost the local rights to the name "Rodeo" because Isuzu who were their engineering partner at the time took back the name. Hence the Holden Colorado was born.

There have been many reviews on the Holden Colorado since this time, but what they don't tell you is that the Holden Colorado is now the unsung hero of the faltering Lion brand, and because of the creation of this icon the brand is still going strong(ish). While it is true that the Holden brand is going through a bit of a rough, the Holden Colorado is a true shining star in the Australian market.

Facelifts are a fantastic thing to have. Not only in the visual sense but also when it comes to an automobile that has been upgraded to bring it up to date in terms of style and technology.

The Holden Colorado Revamp

The Holden Colorado had a facelift in Q3 2016, this was a great step forward for the exterior of the car in terms of design and style externally but this model received a lot of flak, especially for its out-of-date interior. Fortunately, Holden listened to the market and this is no longer the case. With a completely new interior design, it can now compete with the leaders in the class (Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger).


Holden Colorado Interior Features

The cabin materials are excellent, particularly when compared to the previous model, but they do not set the world on fire in terms of luxury. During the facelift, Holden elected to preserve the old leather steering wheel, which, while not exceptionally attractive, feels good in the hand and has a sturdy grip when used.

Holden Colorado Seats -

The most recent models of the Holden Colorado is available in either two, four or five-seat variants. In the standard model of the car (LS, LT, LS-X, LTZ Space Cab and 4x2 variants) the only option available is the cloth seats in jet black trim. The Jet Black Leather-appointed seat trim is only in the higher models (the Z71, LTZ and LTZ+ 4x4 Crew Cab variants). Originally leather wasn't a good choice for work utes as they normally live quite a hard life but even when exposed to the harsh environment that is the Australian trade industry, the leather-covered seats show virtually no indications of wear, with very little buckling on the base of the seats.

Cab Technology

The eight-inch touchscreen remains the centrepiece of the car's dash, The updated design has been packed with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, basic satellite navigation, Bluetooth pairing and voice control technology which is one of the best on the market. It is simple to use, responds quickly to commands, and almost always recognizes what you are saying. Lastly, they have applied a low fingerprint surface to the monitor much to the delight of those of us with obsessive-compulsive disorder in Australia.

Interior Cleaning and Maintenance

The tough plastic that covers the doors and dash top is easy to maintain. The hard plastic surfaces are easy to wipe with a damp rag, and the car now appears brand new.

Interior storage

When it comes to interior storage, although there is a large glovebox for bottles and pamphlets, there is not much in the way of quick-access solutions, thus you may have to keep your wallet, phone, and keys in the cupholders.

Back Seats

Backseat passengers have lots of legroom and headroom, with just enough knee space to be comfortable in the Holden Colorado. However, the backbench might be uncomfortably low for some, causing passengers to have their knees in the air. Under the backbench, there is a handy storage space with just enough space for some basic tools such as a hammer or a wrench — which may come in handy.

Some may find that the second row in the Holden Colorado, on the other hand, is severely lacking in amenities. Besides the cupholders in its doors, there aren't any USB outlets. There is also only a single 12-volt outlet.



  • Sturdy interior
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Value for money
  • Contains fog lights
  • Powerful engine
  • Great for towing


  • It does not have a reach adjustment for the steering
  • Limited storage room

What Accessories Can You Get for Your Holden Colorado?

At Westside Auto Wholesale if you purchase a used Holden Colorado, we have all the necessary gear and accessories to equip your Holden Colorado for whatever the road may bring, whether you are planning to bush-bashing off-road or gliding through metropolitan streets.

Holden Colorado Dash mats

Many dash mats are impervious to UV radiation. Additionally, durable dash mats for your Holden Colorado protect your car from damage such as cracks and discolouration. these come standard within the car.

Holden Colorado Floor Mats

There are standard floormats that come with the factory model but you can get custom-made floor mats to fit your vehicle and protect the interior from dirt, mud, and other debris.

Holden Colorado Bonnet Protectors

A bonnet cover adds added strength to your Holden Colorado. You can find sturdy bonnet covers in clear and tinted choices to guard your car against dirt, rocks, and other debris.

Holden Colorado Steps

Various stairs are designed to go flush against the new car for a seamless appearance. They not only provide simple access to the vehicle, but they also give it a robust and attractive aspect while protecting the paint from pebbles and dirt.

Holden Colorado Seat Covers

You need Colorado seat coverings if you are serious about maintaining your car in good shape. These are made of high-quality materials and come in a variety of styles.

Holden Colorado Drawers

Keep your boot nice and organized with a heavy-duty drawer set so that for or many years to come, these beauties glide in and out with ease.

Holden Colorado Bash Plates

If you take your Colorado on bumpy rides frequently, you may need sturdy bash plates to keep it safe. Several tough bash plates can handle everything from pebbles to logs without weighing down your automobile.

Holden Colorado Roof Consoles

Roof consoles not only add storage space, but also include fog lights, a radio surround, and other features that bring convenience to your fingertips.

The Final Verdict: Is the Holden Colorado Worth it?

Is the interior of Holden Colorado good value for money? It is an unapologetically ideal ute that, despite a few flaws, may serve you well for a reasonable price. You can find a wide range of these cars across the city at reasonable prices, including and excluding on-road costs.

It is simple to use, cost-effective, and should not leave you wanting more than it already has to offer. There aren't many complaints about this vehicle and it has various positive reviews.

While some companies provide a dual-cab ute that can jump off hills out of town and others provide more power than you may ever desire, the Holden Colorado's no-nonsense approach just gets the job done quietly.

However, in an age of excess, it is possible that this is what's keeping it from becoming a household name. While nobody is certain about the future of these cars, it is evident that Holden means business and takes responsibility for the cars they manufacture. Lastly, you can rest assured that when you shop for one of these cars, the price matches the quality of the details with regards to the interior, seats, engine, wheels, power range, lights, air conditioning, mirrors, and exterior.

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