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The Best 7-seater Cars in Australia in 2021

7 seaters cars Aus

Keep the entire family together during your next road trip by piling everyone into one of the best 7-seater cars in Australia in 2021! Whether you plan on taking the team to football practice or want to escape the city for a weekend with the kids, a 7-seater vehicle makes the logistics much easier. But, which large 7-seater SUV is right for your family? Let’s find out!


The Best 7-seater SUV in Australia in 2021

At Westside Auto Wholesale, our team of automotive experts loves talking about the best vehicles in their respective classes. When it came to choosing the best 7-seater SUV in Australia in 2021, we found several differing opinions amongst our staff. After a lot of back and forth between our most vocal SUV enthusiasts, we came up with the following list of the best family 7-seater cars.


#7: Ford Everest

Conquer steep inclines, traverse rocky terrain, and protect your most valuable cargo in the Ford Everest. The 2021 Ford Everest may look tough on the exterior, but this powerful beast has a soft spot: the interior. As one of the best value propositions in the SUV market, the Everest’s highly customisable luxury interior will keep your entire family comfortable, even during a rough ride.

Behind the Wheel

The Ford Everest boasts a spacious cabin, plush seating, and all the electronic features a family could want. In the front of an Everest, you’ll find a Sync3 multimedia system, plenty of ports to charge your devices, and no shortage of controls on the steering wheel. When you sit behind the wheel of an Everest, you have total control.

Other Seating

Seating a maximum of seven adults, the Everest strikes a balance between comfort and flexibility. Upfront, the powered adjustability of the driver’s seat moves in up to eight different ways, whereas the passenger’s seat moves in four directions. The second-row seats three and the back row seats two. They split and fold at 60/40 and 50/50, respectively.


The Sync3 offers an 8-inch touchscreen, Apple and Android compatibility, and a 10-speaker sound system. As part of the standard trend package, you will also enjoy keyless entry, push-to-start ignition, rear parking sensors, a reversing camera, and more.


● Several types of Everests available, including a sport model

● Superior off-road performance

● Leather trim and comfortable seating


● Difficult to park on congested streets

● Classic interior may not appeal to young consumers

#6: Hyundai Palisade

Get the whole gang together for a road trip in the Hyundai Palisade. Available in both 7-passenger and 8-passenger configurations, the Hyundai Palisade has enjoyed significant success since arriving in Australia as Hyundai’s flagship SUV. Choose between all-wheel drive (AWD) and two-wheel drive Palisades depending on your intended use.

Up Front

Sleek, stylish simplicity sums up the front of the cabin in the latest Hyundai Palisade. Hyundai’s renewed focus on intuitive functionality becomes readily apparent once you slip behind the wheel. The console’s 10.25-inch touchscreen, 12-speaker sound system, and pre-installed Apple CarPlay and Android Auto place the Palisade on par with most competitors.


Pile the whole family into the Palisade for a weekend getaway. Whether you choose the 7-seater or the 8-seater, you can secure three car seats in the back row. Plus, you’ll have plenty of room to pack luggage, sporting goods, and more in the spacious 311-litre boot. If you fold down the back row, you can enjoy 704 litres of storage.

Under the Bonnet

Car owners can choose from a few different engine types, including a 2.2L diesel engine and a 3.8L unleaded petrol engine. Both vehicles have 8-speed automatic transmissions. With a maximum towing capacity of 2,200kg, the Hyundai Palisade can handle most medium-duty tasks, making it one of the best 7-seater cars in Australia for families.


● Above-average fuel economy

● Loaded with safety features

● Affordable starting price


● The front passenger seat is not motorised

● Rehashed controls from older models


#5: Nissan Pathfinder

Make sure your family stays safe and sound during your next adventure by bringing home a Pathfinder. Quiet comfort and family safety typify the new 2021 Nissan Pathfinder. With excellent soundproofing and rugged child-safety mounts and tethers, you can roam around town with confidence that your littlest passengers remain protected.


One of the best things you’ll notice about the Pathfinder is something you won’t notice at all: outdoor sound. The Nissan Pathfinder offers some of the best soundproofing on the market for 7-seaters. Engine noise and the surrounding traffic fade into the background so you can enjoy your new ride’s infotainment system in peace.


Make a statement with Nissan’s Special Edition N-Trek package. Found on the Pathfinder ST+ and ST-L models, this sporty package sets drivers apart with upgraded grilles, door mirrors, roof rails, door handles, and more. Your premium N-Trek exterior paint choices include Diamond Black, Gun Metallic, Caspian Blue, and Ivory Pearl.

Hybrid 4WD

Conquer the rugged wilderness and save the environment while doing it with Hybrid 4-wheel drive! As petrol prices continue to fluctuate, you never know what you might pay at the pump. Stretch every litre as far as it can go with one of the most eco-friendly SUVs on the market. The 2021 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid goes easy on the petrol and hard on the rugged off-road trails.


● Available as an 8-seater

● Superior soundproofing

● Multiple child-safety features


● No pre-installed Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

● Familiar design, controls, and trim


#4: Kia Sorento

Make space for one of the best 7-seater cars in Australia in 2021: the Kia Sorento. As Kia’s flagship SUV, the Sorento offers all of the features you might expect from a modern vehicle, but with the size and power of a capable off-roader. With one of the more affordable entry-level prices, Kia intends to reach growing families that need space and comfort.


Behind the wheel, interested buyers will appreciate all of the technology found on the dashboard, centre console, and elsewhere. GT-Line Sorentos sport a 12.3-inch digital dash display, 10.25-inch multimedia touchscreen, and an 8-inch head-up display (HUD). Push-to-start ignition, heated and ventilated front seats, and a panoramic sunroof round out the most popular features.


The Kia Sorento provides ample headroom. While seating seven adults might feel a tad tight, especially in the back row, no one needs to worry about hitting their heads on the ceiling when the vehicle goes over a bump. An airy, spacious cabin means you’ll find a little less room in the boot to store all of your camping gear and fishing tackle.


Comfortable leather seating, quilted Nappa leather trim, dual climate control, and ambient lighting represent just a few of the features Kia owners enjoy when they pick up an ST-Line 7-seater. The high-end variants also offer an automatic rear door, heated seats in the second and third rows, keyless entry, and 360° parking technology.


● Above-average seven-year warranty

● Loaded with tech features

● Highly competitive pricing


● Tight seating in the back row

● Reduced boot space


#3: Mazda CX-9

Even a 7-seater can go zoom-zoom, as the Mazda CX-9 deftly demonstrates. For a hefty 7-passenger vehicle, the CX-9 packs a serious punch that nearly elevates it to the next class of SUVs. Fantastic handling, high-end features, and a persuasive value proposition make the Mazda CX-9 a front-runner for the best 7-seater SUV of 2021.

Reliable Handling

The Mazda CX-9 might offer the best handling among large SUVs in its price range. The steering feels responsive and precise while the suspension strikes a delicate balance to suit city driving and off-roading. All in all, the agility of the Mazda CX-9 makes it seem like you’re driving a much smaller vehicle.

Great Value

The Mazda CX-9 may represent the best value compared to all 7-seaters in its class. Its entry-level pricing keeps it highly competitive in an already impacted market, especially among young families. Its 4-cylinder turbocharged engine produces 227 horsepower, which proves more than enough for driving around town but offers a little less towing power.


Mazda put considerable effort into improving interior features on the CX-9, including controls, infotainment, and safety. As a result, consumers may notice a slight price increase. However, the additions are welcome, especially the floating 10.25-inch display that pops out of the dash. Depending on the variant you choose, the seats sport either cloth, leather, or quilted Nappa leather.


● Handling rivals luxury 7-seaters

● Low starting price

● Lots of new features


● Cramped third row

● Average towing power


#2: Toyota Kluger

Go with what you know and pick up the latest Toyota Kluger. As a perennial favourite amongst Australian motorists, the Kluger needs no introduction. However, this fourth-generation model offers even better petrol efficiency, enhanced styling, and upgraded entertainment technology. Don’t assume you already know everything about the Toyota Kluger. This one’s different.

The Goods

Let’s get right into what makes the latest Toyota Kluger one of the best 7-seater SUVs in Australia. The keyless entry, push-to-start ignition, and a conveniently-located 8-inch display welcome you the first time you enter. Automatic LED headlights, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and a reverse-camera cleaning system provide an extra touch of luxury.

Hybrid Option

Save the planet with a Toyota Kluger Hybrid! Available in the GX, GXL, and Grande variants, the economical hybrid engine provides more power than you might expect. With recent volatility in the price of petrol, the popularity of the hybrid Kluger enjoyed a noticeable uptick. Minimise your carbon footprint by purchasing an eco-friendly engine to cart your family around town.


Getting in and out of the 2021 Toyota Kluger is, as with past models, a breeze. The vast interior provides plenty of space for loading and unloading; however, only agile adults will find it easy to sit in the back row.


● Comfort and safety of a Toyota

● Loaded with automatic features

● Hybrid available in three variants


● Familiar features for previous Kluger owners

● Average petrol efficiency in non-hybrid models


#1: Audi Q7

In many ways, the Audi Q7 represents a step up from the more affordable vehicles on this list. Until recently, the price difference was small enough to keep them all in the same conversation. By no means does the Audi Q7 disappoint; but, this may be the last year we lump the Audi Q7 in with the rest of the gang.

In the Driver’s Seat

An 8.3-inch retractable touch screen becomes the focal point upon entering the Q7. Superior soundproofing minimises the amount of noise coming from the diesel engine. Soft leather seats provide high-end comfort, and the controls prove intuitive and well-placed. You’ll also notice some clever space-saving features around the cabin.


Most Audi owners probably consider towing capacity only as an afterthought, if at all. However, the Q7 delivers considerable power and torque, amounting to 3,500kg of braked towing capacity. You may not need to call upon the towing prowess of your Audi Q7 very often, but it’s nice to know that it’s there when you need it.

Fuel Economy

Available with either a hybrid or straight diesel engine, the Q7 puts performance ahead of maximum fuel efficiency. The hybrid variant consumes about seven litres of diesel fuel every 100km, whereas the standard diesel engine burns 9.4 litres. Depending on the fuel market, it still represents a significant discount for owners over petrol engines.


● Superior comfort and design

● Surprising towing capacity


● Massive price jump since 2019

● Only available in diesel

Westside Auto Wholesale | Your 7-seater Superstore

At Westside Auto Wholesale, we always talk about the latest SUVs. Whether you wish to buy or sell a large 7-seater, we’d love to meet you and hear your story. We have a massive selection of 7-seater vehicles available and provide some of the most flexible financing in the country. Stop by for a friendly discussion about your vehicle needs and what we can do to help.

Take home a 7-seater SUV that will make your whole family proud. Call Westside Auto Wholesale today at (08) 6145 0099 to check out the best 7-seater cars in Australia in 2021.

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