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Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car

Westside Auto Wholesale is Right here in Perth, Western Australia, come and see us today because buying your next car doesn't have to be difficult! please read our guide to Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car.

Let's face it everyone wants a new car at some point in their life. However, new cars are expensive since recently finished models are in hot demand. With the current Covid-19 crisis the wait for a new car seems to get longer and longer every day, why not consider the purchase of a used car? If you want to pay less, purchase a used car from our professional team at Westside Auto Wholesale, where you can still buy a used car with -

  • non-pushy buying experience
  • A complete rundown on all of our vehicles
  • A complete guide to the car buying process, including finance if needed

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car?

Before you come to a decision on a used car, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Your choice of incorrectly buying a vehicle is determined by your specific wants and needs. Do you want to pay less on an insurance premium, for instance? You also need to take into consideration several factors, such as overall reliability and affordability.

What are the Advantages of Buying a Used Car?

One of the main advantages of a used car is the price. Normally, a new car is expensive due to advances in technology. With used cars, you have the advantage of fewer costs and lower interest rates. Most used cars have warranties in place, which helps with financing. There are multiple financing options available, These are mostly dependent on your credit scores, financial situation, and annual income. You can try smaller loans and faster pay-offs.

Another advantage is certification since these vehicles must be thoroughly inspected beforehand. Look for high-quality certificates from either the manufacturer or dealership. It gives you the assurance you need for quality of life, even when you're on the road. Taken into consideration, all these advantages can outweigh the potential disadvantages.

What are the Disadvantages of Buying a Used Car?

A used car suffers from depreciation, which a new car lacks. The financing term "depreciation" means a fair value for any given vehicle. Older used cars reduce their desirability due to years of on-road experience. For that reason, wear and tear can be detrimental.

More often than not, driving a used car can result in a few parts breaking down. Repairs are commonly needed to fix these issues, such as a heating system going haywire. It's not much of a problem if you're able to get the repairs yourself. However, it does add up costs over time.

Be careful when you buy from smaller dealers. Not only are your choices more limited, but you may also pay higher rates with no warranties. Do your research beforehand!

Used Cars to Avoid Buying?

When buying a vehicle, avoid a used car with terrible ANCAP user ratings. Often, car buyers might make the mistake of letting a dealer sweet talk them into a vehicle. Remember - they intend to sell an old used model. Ask about the experiences of previous owners and look up online reviews for yourself before making a decision.

You should also avoid cars with a tendency to overheat. Examples like the Holden Cruze and Ford Fiesta are notorious for poor heat and cooling systems. You want a perfectly serviceable car, not one that tends to break down under certain temperatures.

Finally, make sure not to buy a car with a mileage of over 150,000 kilometers. Not only does it limit your warranty options, but it also limits the lifespan of your car. Ask your tradesperson about the exact kilometers of your car, and get it on paper if you are able.


How Much is Too Much on the Odometer When Buying a Used Car?

In contrast to a new car, used ones already have km on the odometer. Before purchasing used vehicles, you should figure out the current kilometers and how many km you are going to do in the car so you can figure out if the dealer warranty is going to cover the car. Typically, three years dealer warranty plan is all you need if you're going to do an "average" amount of kilometers since most warranties cover the usage under this time frame.

Insurance on Used Vehicles

Insurance can impact the costs of your car loan. Read the fine print before you buy used vehicles at a dealership (our salespeople can help explain this clearly for you). When you apply for a loan, talk to your dealer about the value of coverage requirements. Certain areas might reduce your coverage to the minimum when you apply for a loan. Before you come to any warranty agreements, ask about your rates. Shop around for the best deals, while you're at it.

Warranty of Used Cars

Before buying a car at a licensed dealership, consider your warranty. In Australia, it's legally required for them to give you protection in the form of a guaranteed title. The warranty depends on the age of the car. For example, a Toyota Corolla less than a decade old is entitled to three months. The mileage also needs to be less than 150,000 kilometers. Note your minimum warranty period for a used car is two years. Find out more about our protection plans here.


Buying a new car can be rather expensive, especially for car buyers looking to save money. Trust the team at Westside auto with the top used car buying experience in Perth. Still, be mindful of the pros and cons. Here is why you should consider buying from us -

  • Buying a used vehicle comes at a lower cost, which will save you on car payments or overall purchase costs.
  • Used cars have lower insurance premiums than that of a new car purchase.
  • We offer an extensive customer care solution for any car purchased.
  • We promise to provide a hassle-free buying experience to all of our customers
  • We have a "best price" first policy. Because of our huge amount of stock, we have huge car buying power. This allows us to offer the best prices in Perth.

Your next big decision is an informed one so trust Westside Auto Wholesale, we love connecting customers with their next vehicle.

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