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MTA Awards 2023 Finalists: A Triple Threat Showcase


The MTA WA Automotive Awards celebrate the top-rated businesses in the Western Australian automotive industry. It honours the hard work and achievements made by Australian businesses and their staff.

The final awards presentation was back on August 12th, 2023, and Westside Auto Wholesale brought three finalists home. It was the company that received the most nominations among all automotive businesses.

Learn more about this amazing event that celebrated the automotive industry, and discover how Westside Auto Wholesale excelled in the three categories it got nominated in.


What Are the MTA Awards?

The 2023 Capricorn MTA WA Automotive Award ceremony is held every year to celebrate hard-working and innovative business owners and staff. There were six different categories to participate in, including:

· Apprentice of the Year

· Automotive Woman of the Year

· Small Automotive Business of the Year

· Medium Automotive Business of the Year

· Large Automotive Business of the Year

· The Automotive Excellence Award

The Awards Gala was held at Grand Ballroom 2 at Crown Perth. It was hosted by Oliver Peterson on Saturday, August 12th, 2023. The ceremony also had special guest Shane Jacobson and live music by Little Belle.

It was an event that showcased the best of the best, and that’s where the team at Westside Auto Wholesale shined the most.


Discover the Categories Where Westside Auto Shined the Most

Westside Auto Wholesale made quite the impression at this year’s MTA WA Automotive Awards by being the automotive business with the most nominations.

These finalist nominations represent how hard the staff at Westside Auto Wholesale has worked over the years and how it continues to strive for excellence. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the categories this business got into:

Automotive Woman of the Year

This year, our talented Oriana Tofan earned a place among the other three finalists. The award recognises the ground-breakers of the automotive industry, and Oriana kept Westside Auto Wholesale proud at all times.

Automotive Woman of the Year (Debbie photo)

Apprentice of the Year

The “Apprentice of the Year” award recognises any rising stars in the automotive sector. Westside Auto Wholesale had the honour of earning a place in the finalist panel thanks to the hard work of Connor Crews.

Apprentice of the Year (Connor Crews)

Large Automotive Business of the Year

This is one of the most important awards in the entire ceremony. It celebrates those companies with exemplary practices and discipline that employ over 50 staff members.

Once again, Westside Auto Wholesale earned a place among the finalists, making it one of the most prominent automotive businesses in the area.

Large Automotive Business (CJ Jayasinghe)

Why Is This Important for the Company?

Earning a spot in the finalist groups in these categories goes beyond simple recognition. This achievement shows how dedicated our team is to keep innovating and offering exceptional service to all our clients.

Being nominated for these categories alongside other incredible companies in the automotive industry encourages new talent to get involved and keep growing the industry.

Westside Auto Wholesale has gone out of its way to offer an intuitive and stress-free approach to buying used cars. By having the largest used vehicle stock in Australia in one location, we ensure you don’t have to waste time looking in different places.

Moreover, each of the cars we have here undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure they perform to the standards you deserve. Thanks to the company’s online payment platform, protection plans, and accessories, clients have an unforgettable buying experience.

Those looking to sell their car also have plenty of options to choose from. Overall, Westside Auto Wholesale has proven once again that it has a full team dedicated to getting excellent results for its clients.

The nominations we earned this year only motivate us to keep working harder and aim for that win in the future.


A Little About Westside Auto’s Story

Westside Auto Wholesale has been operating since 2002. With over 20 years of experience, the team has become the largest single-site used vehicle dealership in Australia.

One of the reasons why Westside Auto Wholesale has gotten so much recognition over the years is its quality. You can only expect the highest-quality items from the company accompanied by competitive prices.

Another one of the company’s main focuses is customer support. Its streamlined and dedicated service ensures everyone gets exactly what they’re looking for. Those looking for guidance will get help from the most professional people in the automotive industry.


Bottom Line

Westside Auto Wholesale is always aiming higher, and these three nominations are only a sign of the quality people can expect as customers.

Those who want to get their experience started can go to 42 Ewing St, Bentley WA 6102 for their first used car purchase. They can also contact the company’s award-winning team via phone.

Whether you want to shop, sell, or finance a car, the team at Westside Auto Wholesale is ready to help. The team is proud of the nominations got at the MTA Awards 2023, and you can assure they’re going for more.

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