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Can I Finance Accessories With My Car at Westside Auto?

Can I Finance Accessories

If you’re planning to purchase a car, you’ll also want to consider which accessories to buy along with it.

Vehicle accessories can enhance your vehicle’s safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. These add-ons can allow you to maximise your investment and take the best care of your new vehicle.

However, you may be wondering whether you can finance car accessories on purchase through Westside Auto Wholesale. Great news — you can! Read on to learn more about financing accessories through our car yard, then stop by our warehouse to review our current vehicle and accessory inventory.

How to Finance Car Accessories

Financing car accessories offers a convenient way to receive your desired accessories as soon as you purchase your vehicle. You can simply add these accessories to your monthly car finance payment, allowing you to spread out the total cost while gaining access to the items necessary to enhance your car’s safety and appearance.

At Westside Auto Wholesale, we make financing car accessories easy. We offer this benefit to all customers who purchase vehicles through our car yard.

Once you initiate a vehicle purchase with our team, we’ll discuss all the accessories you may want to add to your purchase. Then, you can choose to pay for them outright or add them to your financing method.

If you choose to purchase or finance vehicle accessories, we’ll install them on your new vehicle before you drive it off the lot, allowing you to begin benefitting from them immediately.

Car Accessories We Offer

We offer several car accessories that you can finance right alongside your vehicle. Here are some of the most popular car accessories we offer:

Dash Cams

Dash cameras are small cameras that sit on your dashboard and record the road in front of you as you drive. These devices have become essential pieces of equipment to prove fault in an accident.

Without a dash cam, you may have trouble proving that another driver was at-fault for your accident. However, these cameras take all of the guesswork out of accident fault, allowing you to submit solid proof to your insurance company showcasing your innocence in an accident.

Many people say they will eventually purchase a dash cam, only to put off the purchase until after they become involved in an accident. However, financing a dash camera through our car yard can give you a safety net to protect your vehicle once you drive it off the lot.

We offer the BlackVue 750 Gold Edition dash camera for financing. This model comes in front and rear cameras and includes 64 GB of high-speed memory, a built-in GPS, and convenient mobile app functionality.

Ironman 4x4 Accessories

Our selection of Ironman 4x4 accessories can allow you to upgrade your 4x4 to make it suitable for off-roading, camping, hauling, and other activities. We offer a wide range of essential 4x4 accessories with financing, including:

  • Bull bars
  • Spotlights
  • LED lights
  • Snorkels
  • Tow-bars
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Dual battery systems
  • Electric brake controllers

Permagard Exterior/Interior Protection and Tint

Permagard products can protect the inside and outside of your vehicle from scratches, staining, and other damage. These products can help you maximize your new vehicle investment and keep it looking brand-new for as long as possible.

First, Permagard exterior protection can protect your car’s paint from daily threats, such as:

  • Bird droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Debris

This high-gloss protective barrier can give your vehicle a luxury shine while protecting it against airborne contaminants.

Meanwhile, Permagard’s interior upholstery protection covers the fibres and surfaces inside your vehicle, including carpet, fabric, and leather. This product can protect your car’s interior from staining and make messes and spills easier to clean.

We also finance a Permagard tint product that blocks 99% of UV rays and prevents glare by 55%. This tint comes with an ARPANSA certification and protection factor ratings of 500+.

You can add any of these Permagard products to your vehicle upon purchase, and we’ll happily apply them before you drive off the lot.

Benefits of Financing Auto Accessories

Financing the above car accessories through our car yard offers numerous benefits for your buying experience.

Here are a few advantages of financing accessories rather than purchasing them yourself:


Many people want to purchase the above accessories but simply never find the time to travel to the dealer to install them. However, financing these auto accessories offers an easy, convenient way to receive the accessories you need to enhance your vehicle straight away.


The above auto accessories can increase your car’s resale value, making them a worthwhile investment. However, not everyone has the cash to purchase these accessories outright.

Instead, financing your auto accessories through Westside Auto offers a more affordable alternative. Instead of needing to purchase these products outright, you can simply increase your monthly payment by a few dollars.

Additionally, in many cases, financing your accessories allows you to pay less in the long run than you would when purchasing them at retail value. We may be able to provide a deal or discount when you pair these accessories with a vehicle purchase, saving you money.

Negotiation Power

Purchasing a vehicle through a used car dealership like Westside Auto gives you some negotiation power. The same principle applies to financing accessories.

When you finance a vehicle or auto accessories through our car yard, we’ll do our best to meet your financial needs. We offer several financing options, allowing you to choose the best plan for your budget and savings goals. If you can’t afford the accessories you need at retail value, we’ll try to meet you halfway to develop a suitable solution.

Altogether, financing accessories with your car purchase is an excellent choice. Contact our Westside Auto Wholesale team to learn more about our car finance options or discuss the best accessories to add to your vehicle.

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