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2022 BMW X3 Review

2022 BMW X3

The BMW X3 has always been a powerhouse in the premium midsize SUV market, but it’s starting to face stiffer competition from rivals like the Porsche Macan, Audi Q5, and the Mercedes-Benz GLC. As the market gets more crowded, BMW needs to do something special to keep up, so the company introduced an updated version of the X3 in 2022.

This 2022 model includes a facelift and several small updates to keep the X3 competitive with the rest of the market. New additions for all trim levels include:

● Adaptive LED headlights

● Comfort access

● Remote software updates

● Reversing assistant

● High-beam assistant

● Sensatec trim, replacing the cloth/leather upholstery

Higher spec models will also receive some minor updates such as lumbar support for the driver, metallic paint options, and a panorama glass sunroof.


The all-wheel-drive BMW X3 xDrive30i and rear-wheel-drive sDrive30i come with a turbocharged 2.0 l four-cylinder engine that puts out 248-hp and hits a speed of 100 km/h in slightly over six seconds. It’s a reliable engine that produces enough power to navigate around the city and on the open road with ease, but it’s not going to win any prizes for the most exciting premium midsize SUV.

The higher-spec M40i is where the true excitement lies. It has a turbocharged 3.0 L inline six-cylinder engine that produces an impressive 382-hp that can propel the X3 from 0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds. The car also comes with an adaptive suspension that provides just the right level of firmness while remaining comfortable, even on rough roads.

If you’re still in love with diesel, the X3 xDrive20D offers a straight-six 3.0 l turbo diesel that will get you to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds while still having excellent fuel consumption on long trips.

Eco-conscious drivers can opt for the xDrive30, which combines the standard combustion engine with a 48V hybrid system that provides 210 kW and 650 nm of torque when it kicks in. The hybrid engine improves upon older models in that it kicks in earlier and can run its stop-start cycle for much longer without needing recharging. If you’re often stuck in traffic, this update is an appealing addition, though you may have to wait several months since the electrified powertrain isn’t available in Australia at launch.


One of the biggest challenges facing SUV design is combining a top-heavy body that weighs almost two tons with a fun drive. The BMW X3 manages to provide an impressive driving experience that feels responsive regardless of road conditions.

The steering finds the sweet spot between high-speed stability and slow-speed responsiveness, and you get a lot of feedback from the electric power steering. The feeling of stability is always prominent, most likely due to the chunky tyres and meaty weight of the body.

BMWs may not always be the prettiest cars on the market, but you don’t really care once you’re inside the cabin. With a priority on comfort, the X3 provides excellent ride quality without compromising on performance. Even Sport Mode feels gentle, though you will notice the slightly firmer suspension.


BMW never compromises on its interiors, and the same applies to the new X3. From small luxuries like the 10-way power-adjustable front seats and reclining back seats, it’s easy to find your ideal position for both long and short trips.

As with all other BMWs, you get luxurious-feeling trim throughout the car. From impressively realistic faux-wood on the dash to high-quality synthetic leather and nickel-plated metals, the BMW’s cabin is one of the best-looking in the class.

The cabin's layout also makes sense, with a large centre console that’s easy to access and use. The gear selector has shrunk a bit to make room for the engine stop-start, iDrive system controller, and driving mode selection, making all these features much more convenient to access while driving.

The interior is decently roomy, with a 500-litre boot that expands to 1,600 litres if you remove all five rear passenger seats. The electric and hybrid options have slightly smaller volumes as the battery sits under the boot floor. If you’re a heavy traveller, you’ll appreciate the fact that every passenger can pack at least one carry-on luggage without overloading the car.

*overseas interior shown


The new X3 comes with the iDrive system and plenty of integrated apps, including Spotify and Alexa. The system also provides wireless connectivity to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It integrates seamlessly with BMW’s phone app, which allows you to use your phone as an electronic key.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of charging spots, as the 2022 BMW X3 comes with a multitude of USB ports in the front and rear. The company even offers a wireless smartphone charging dock as an optional extra.

Safety Features

The previous X3 received a five-star ANCAP rating for safety, and the 2022 X3 will likely have a similar score since the model retains all of the safety features of the pre-facelift version.

All BMW X3s come with a basic driving assistant that includes:

● Forward collision warning

● Lane departure warning

● Speed sign recognition

● Cruise control with braking function

● Automatic emergency brakes with pedestrian detection

● Proactive rear-end collision monitoring

● Blind-spot monitoring

The xDrive30i, xDrive 30d, xDrive30e, and M40i get all of the same safety features but also include:

● Adaptive cruise control with stop/go functionality

● Lane-keep assistance

● Evasion aid

● Blind-spot assistance

● Semi-autonomous steering and lane control assistant

● Blind-spot assistance

● Front cross-traffic alert

Fuel Economy

According to the EPA, the base model has a combined city/highway consumption of 9.5 L/100 km, while the much beefier M40i has a combined consumption of 10 L/100 km. The diesel engine offers significantly better fuel economy at 7.0 L/100 km.

These values put the BMW X3 firmly in the middle of the pack. While there are definitely more eco-friendly options available, the X3 strikes a relatively happy compromise between performance and power and fuel economy.

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