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2020 Toyota GR Supra GTS Review


Did you know that the 2020 Toyota Supra is built from BMW parts in the same Austrian factory as BMW Z4?

Yes, two competing brands working together to create something special sound like an impossible collaboration. But it happened and the result was the 2020 Toyota GR Supra GTS!

The 2020 Toyota GR Supra GTS shares the same components as the BMW Z4, and both are manufactured from the Magna-Steyr facility in Austria. If you're interested in purchasing a Supra GTS from Westside Auto you can find out more here.

So, let's go over the details of the 2020 Toyota GR Supra GTS features, shall we?

About 2020 Toyota GR Supra

The 2020 Toyota Supra has two models:

  • The Toyota GR Supra
  • The Toyota GR Supra GTS

If you're going to purchase a Supra it is worth spending the extra $10,000 to get the GTS features. These include - sports accelerator and brakes, a head-up display, JBL sound system, 19-inch wheels, brake calipers, and a 345mm rear rotor diameter instead of 330mm for the GT.


The GR Supra GTS Specs and Highlights

The Supra offers convenience, power and comfort. It features dual-zone climate control, LED exterior lighting, keyless entry/start, leather-accented seat, infotainment touchscreen, digital radio, integrated navigation, and wireless smartphone charging.

The dual-zone climate control allows you to control the temperature inside the car without re-adjusting the heating and air conditioning system. It also features slim LED taillights, aggressive rear diffuser with twin exhaust and an F1-inspired central reverse light.

It also comes with an impressive head-up display on the dash where you can see dashboard features like navigation commands, hybrid system indicators, driver-assist data, vehicle speed, and active cruise control data.

It also features driver-assistance technology including adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, anti-dazzle auto high beams, speed limit and low tyre pressure warning and notification, blind-spot monitoring and parking sensors.

Of course, the mechanical features include a 3.0-litre direct-injection petrol engine, limited-slip differential with electronic controls, adaptive front double-joint strut and multilink rear transmission and ventilated piston front and rear disc brakes.

The 3.0-litre turbocharged in-line six-cylinder engine is also considered as the Toyota GR Supra signature. The six-cylinder engine can also be re-tuned to produce 382 hp and twist out up to 368 lb-ft of torque. It also features an eight-speed AT paddles with shifters. With the eight-speed automatic transmission, you can easily adjust gears allowing you to speed up or down easily.

Another feature that you will like is quick responding, easy to read and understand the infotainment system. You can select from the radio station presets as your background while driving the Supra.


What's it like to drive the Supra?

Okay, we all know that the Toyota Supra is a great sports car. Most drivers think that the Supra mechanics are more BMW than Toyota, but its a truly breathtaking experience to drive this machine!

It has rapid acceleration with 8-speed auto transmission and an acceleration speed of 100km h.

It has powerful brakes, direct steering, along with surprising speed due to tyres and suspension. The rear wheel drive also makes a big difference as it allows you to rotate the car in and out of bends. The rear-wheel drive also improves handling due to load transfer in acceleration and weight distribution. The weight distribution of the Toyota GR Supra is 50/50.

Other drivers may think that the rear visibility is terrible but thanks to the small rearview window and massive B-pillars the car actually has great visibility. Anyway, you can upgrade large and clear rearview camera to rectify any visibility issues the car has, this is of course a personal choice.

Is it safe to drive the Supra?

Well… the Toyota Supra may not be ANCAP tested, but you can assume that the company has done a great job in designing the car, as its built with Z4 parts its a safe assumption that it would have a rating similar (4 stars).

It comes with standard safety features such as airbags, forward-collision warnings with automatic emergency brakes and pedestrian detection and road sign recognition.

There's more to that…

The safety features also include the Drive Assist Package, with adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert and more.

So, with these features, you will be safe and sound while driving.


Good performance for the money

The Toyota GR Supra is a sweet deal for a sports car. And If you have a few thousands to spare, you can easily upgrade to the GTS features. The turbocharged inline-six engine and 100km h acceleration are the highlights and such specification makes the Supra an impressive sports car. And with the Toyota Supra rear wheel, you'll never experience issues when maneuvering at curvy roads.

Unique exterior and interior design

It has a unique exterior design that draws crowd attention and an impressive interior that brings comfort, convenience and fun to the driver. The leather accented seats are comfy, and the car will not make you feel cramped while driving or being a passenger in the Supra.

Standard safety features

The Toyota Supra has standard safety features and techniques that can assure safety and comfort when driving. The safety features also ensure that you will not drift in front of the big rig in the highway; also the 19-inch rim assures limited-slip and smooth drive.

Powerful soundtrack

If you're a serious music enthusiast, you should upgrade to the JBL system. The audio quality gets better due to the 12 premium speakers. On the other hand, you can also stick to the standard ten-speaker system. The performance is great and can give you good music while driving.


Small sports car

The Toyota Supra is a small sports car, but that doesn't affect its road performance. Also, it does not feature a backseat. If you have kids, it may not be suitable for you. You may consider choosing a bigger car, such as the Audi S4.

Poor visibility

The coupe's sleek design affects the driver's outward visibility, so it is best to check the surroundings at all times. Still, you can also upgrade to the blind spot monitor for better visibility.

What are the other alternatives for Supra?

The truth is… there are a few alternatives for GR Supra. The Nissan 370z is one of the closest alternatives; also a six-cylinder and Japan made.

There is also RC300 and RC350 from Lexus and 2.3 and 5.0 Mustangs from Ford. Of course, Toyota's very own 86 and Mazda's MX-5.

Moreover, you can also look at Lotus Elise, Alfa Romeo 4C and Alpine A110, if you're after a more versatile vechile than the Supra that is suitable for a long drive and even racetracks.

The Verdict

There's no doubt about it - the gr Supra is a driver's car. The union between BMW and Toyota provides a great assurance of the quality and performance of this vehicle.

The Supra offers great value for the money. With a little bit of extra money, you can take advantage of the GTS features, making your driving experience more interesting and fun.

Like any other review, some pros and cons are highlighted that could be rectified by upgrading to GTS features.

Overall, the verdict for the 2020 Toyota GR Supra GTS is 10 out of 10!

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