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Subaru Car Servicing

Westside Auto Service: Perth's Premier Choice for Subaru Maintenance

Subaru Maintenance and Repairs Perth

Subaru vehicles are celebrated for their innovative technology, safety, and rugged durability. As a preferred choice for adventure-loving drivers in Australia, these Japanese-engineered cars need specialised maintenance to preserve their long-lasting performance and resale potential. At Westside Auto Service, we acknowledge the commitment you've made in your Subaru and pledge to offer unparalleled service in return.

Avoid the inflated costs typically linked with dealership services. At Westside Auto Service, we deliver dealership-level service, fine-tuned to your Subaru's distinct make and model. Our technicians are always up-to-date in Subaru-specific guidelines and warranty conditions, ensuring your warranty remains unaffected.


At Westside Auto Service, Subaru owners can access a range of services, including routine maintenance, specialised repairs, and warranty-preserving logbook servicing, all tailored to meet the specific needs of your vehicle.

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Whats Included In Our Subaru Service Options

Engine & Lubrication:

  • Oil and Oil Filter Change

  • Fluid Level Checks and Top-ups

Tires & Handling:

  • Tyre Inspection and Rotation

Essential Checks:

  • Air Filter Inspection or Replacement

  • Spark Plug Inspection or Replacement

  • Belts and Hoses Inspection or Replacement

Safety & Functionality:

  • Suspension and Steering Inspection

  • Cooling System Inspection

  • Braking System Inspection

  • Safety Systems Check

  • Lighting System Check

  • Diagnostic System Check

  • Battery Check


Quality, Flexibility, and Transparency for Your Subaru

At Westside Auto Service, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional and convenient maintenance and repairs.

Why Westside Auto is the Right Choice for Your Subaru's Maintenance:

  • Expert Team - Our staff consists of certified specialists, each an expert in their respective fields.
  • Flexible Payment Options – We offer a variety of payment methods for your convenience, including credit cards, cash, and EFTPOS.
  • Quality Parts – We use only the highest-quality oils, lubricants, and parts, all of which meet Australia's stringent automotive standards.
  • Upfront Pricing – Before commencing any work, we provide each customer with a written quote for the services to be performed.

Our Westside Auto service center is strategically situated in Perth for your convenience.

Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email today to talk about your Subaru's servicing requirements.