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Air Conditioning
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Stay Cool and Comfortable - Book Your Air Conditioning Re-Gas or Repair Today!

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Navigating the Perth summers without effective air conditioning in your car can be a challenge, and having a fully operational air conditioning system is crucial for a comfortable journey.

At Westside Auto Service, we specialise in inspecting and servicing your vehicle's air conditioning system.
From comprehensive inspections to quick same-day services, we are committed to ensuring your vehicle's air conditioning operates at peak efficiency.
Don't let the heat affect your drive; book your air conditioning re-gas or repair with us today and drive away in comfort.

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Quality Vehicle Air Conditioning Components

We can help with any of the following:

Compressors: The heart of your car's air conditioning system, compressors circulate the refrigerant necessary for heat exchange, ensuring your vehicle stays cool.

Condensers: These components dissipate heat absorbed from the car's interior and release it outside, playing a crucial role in the cooling process.

Evaporators: Located inside the vehicle, evaporators absorb heat from the car's interior, aiding in temperature regulation.

Receiver Driers: These units remove moisture and contaminants from the air conditioning system, ensuring the refrigerant remains pure and effective.

Heater Cores: Acting like small radiators, heater cores provide the necessary warmth for your car's heating system by circulating hot coolant.

TX Valves: These thermal expansion valves regulate the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator, maintaining optimal cooling efficiency.

Refrigerant Gas: The essential element in the cooling cycle, refrigerant gas absorbs and releases heat, enabling your car's air conditioning system to function properly.

Trust Us For All Your Car Air Conditioning Needs And Experience The Comfort And Reliability That We Guarentee

With our commitment to excellence, your vehicle is in the best hands for all air conditioning repairs and maintenance.

Talk to Our Air Conditioning Experts Today