overseas hwy 2

Crazy Roads of the World

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We all love a good road trip, but these crazy roads might have you wondering why you left home.
Some of these crazy roads have beautiful scenery, just beware of the sheer cliff drops, rising tides and ice!

1. North Yungas Road

North Yungas Rd
Located in Bolivia, this road is also known as “Death Road”
It is only 3.2 meters wide with no guard rails. Thick fog can hamper visibility during the wet season making this one dangerous road!
Luckily a safer road was built as an alternative in the 90’s.

2. Guoliang Tunnel Road

Located in China, this is a beautiful road carved in the side of mountain.
In 1972, 13 villagers from Guoliang got to work digging the tunnel as they were isolated from the rest of China. It took 5 years to complete.
This famous road is now a major tourist attraction.

3. Stelvio Pass Road

stelvio pass
Located in Italy, this is road was named “Greatest driving road in the world” by Top Gear.
It stretches over 21.5km and has 48 hairpin turns.
However its now iconic status means it is extremely busy with tourists.

4. James Dalton Highway

dalton hwy
This road is located in Alaska, is one of the most isolated roads in the U.S
You may recognize this one, it has featured in quite a few seasons of “Ice Road Truckers”
Stretching for 666km, you will need to pack some essentials if you want to travel this road.

5. Overseas Highway

overseas hwy 2
Located in Florida, this is also known as “The highway that goes to the sea”
The 182km road connects you from Miami to Keys West with the most stunning views!
Part of the highway was damaged in 1935 in a hurricane but was fully restored by 1950.

6. Skippers Canyon Road

skippers canyon rd
This is a well known scenic road located in New Zealand.
But this road is quite dangerous that even rental car companies will not insure you if you drive on it.
The road is so skinny, that if you come across another car travelling in the opposite direction, someone will need to reverse until there is a wide section to pass on.

7. Fairy Meadows Road

fairy meadows 2
This gravel road is located in Pakistan.
Spanning across 16.2km, it is a extremely dangerous mountain road with no guard barriers.
Why travel on this road? The stunning Fairy Meadows awaits on the other side, and is well worth it!

8. Commonwealth Avenue

comm ave
This extremely busy road is located in the Philippines and is 6 to 18 lanes wide!
It is the widest road in the Philippines and has next to no rules.
There are numerous accidents on this road everyday, you would not want to cross as a pedestrian.

9. Atlantic Ocean Road

This scenic road in Norway runs over an un-sheltered part of the Norwegian Sea.
There are 8 bridges, one of the most popular is the Storseisundet Bridge.
You need to be careful not to be hit with strong winds and high waves when travelling this road.

10. Sani Pass

This steep gravel road is located in South Africa.
The road starts at 1544m and climbs up 1332m to an altitude on 2876m
Only 4×4 vehicles are allowed to travel on the pass as certain sections are steep and slippery.