A Big Thank You!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I would like to share my experience me and my partner Brittani Lea had with Westside Auto. We purchased a 2012 Audi Q3 Quattro about a month ago. When we first looked at the car it was a rushed experience as there was another salesman trying to get his clients the car we were looking at. We wanted to look at the car in more detail as my partner liked the look and features of the Audi. We started the paper work before we had a chance to take it for a test drive as it was the last colour and model in the price range we had in mind. Once we got in the office we had a very friendly and easy to deal with salesman and finance manager. We were very happy to be driving away in our new car. When we first had a quick tour through the car we noticed it had sat nav built in, unfortunately no one showed us how to use or activate the sat nav. It turns out the sat nav is an extra package that comes from factory or has to be installed as a aftermarket upgrade. We were furious when this happened as we had just bought a new car and expected it to have the luxury of sat nav. I called Westside auto for weeks trying to get a answer to the problem as we had paid good money for a 2012 audi without a simple sat navigation included. After a month a man by the name of Eden took my request on board personally and was in touch with myself every few days keeping me updated as he was trying to source an after market sat nav installation supplier to fit the sat nav at Westside expense. Eden organise the car to be taken to a company that specialises in after market upgrades to Audi’s he advised me to book in a time and they will orgainse a hire car for the day whilst the audi was getting work done on behalf of Westside auto. We now have the Audi back with full working sat navigation and we even negotiated a price to have a reversing camera installed at the same time. I WOULD LIKE TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE TEAM AT WESTSIDE AUTO AND EDEN FOR HELPING ME AND MY PARTNER OUT. CHEERS MATE COULDN’T BE ANY HAPPIER WITH THE END RESULT. Highly recommended to buy a car from these guys great service great price and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Matt Watt