July 19, 2019

Westside Auto is Expanding!

You may have noticed some movement and activity going on around Westside Auto Wholesale; it is all due to our expansion!
Space is a little tight and we need more room to be able to offer our customers an even greater selection of vehicles, so this meant we had to move our reconditioning department out of the warehouse.
Our reconditioning department is in the process of moving to the old WA Auto Auctions building across the road at 51 Ewing Street. We have also expanded this department by adding an additional 6 hoists, meaning we can now inspect and perform minor services to 17 vehicles at once!
With all the extra space this will create in our warehouse, Westside Auto Wholesale will be able to offer an additional 350 vehicles for sale, meaning we will have over 2200 quality fixed priced vehicles available to the public under one BIG roof!
There is still some development required before our new sales floor and reconditioning department will be ready, but we will keep you updated with the progress.

Here are some photos of the progress so far:

Entrance resize

Inspection Line 1
Inspection Line 1 resize

Inspection Line 2
Inspection Line 2 (1) resize

Inspection Line 2
Inspection Line 2 (2) resize

Old Reconditioning Department
Old Recon Dept resize

New Reconditioning Office
Reconditioning Office resize